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28 March 2014

Move your cheese

Change is somehow a word that we are tired of hearing almost every day.

“For a change...”
“Change for the better.”
“Why won’t you change yourself first?”
“You’ll never change!”
“I want to change the way I think about myself.”
“Please, keep the change.” (Just kidding.)

It’s also a tough decision to make because change has never been easy. Just imagine if you are asked to give up drinking coffee for 30 days when you used to drink at least 2 cups a day. Difficult? Of course.

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In embracing change, we must undergo a process that will help us realize the importance of the change we are going to make and how it will affect our daily lives. Start by asking yourself these questions:
- How will I benefit from this?
- Will I be significant to others?
- What’s the long term effect of this change?
- How sure I am for this change?
- How long will this change take?

I gave up working full-time for a change. It was not an easy decision. In the course of waiting for opportunities, many things are infiltrating my head: missing everyday travel to office, chatting with colleagues, generating reports, defining sales targets, meeting clients, staying at home is boring, monthly bills arriving and so forth. Because most people are used to working from 8 am to 5 pm daily, they think I belong to a different tribe of working professional. Some are wondering that I am just wandering around. When change is obvious, people either respond or react on it. Dye your hair with red and you’ll become the talk of the town.

What are you planning to do? In this life, it’s either you change yourself or people will make you change. Don’t wait till someone moves your cheese for you. If you really want a "real" change, make it happen.