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29 October 2010

I Am...

Test yourself. What will you add to make the sentence complete?

I am...

When we were born, our only identity was the name tag wrapped on our wrist. Then, as we grow, we began to mold our own identity. What the passport, school ID, driver's license, government IDs' can't tell about us is our real identity, the real us.

In applying for a job, we are mostly asked about how we can be an asset to the company. HR professionals keenly run through our CV in details and do background checks to see if what you wrote there are true. Why is it important for them to know us as a person and not just what letters tell them about us?

Our ID cards are so small to contain our strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes and goals and fears. Our transcript of records reflects the way we behave during school days but it's not necessarily the basis for our success. Behavior is subject to change. So as emotions, situations, dreams and priorities.

So the real us don't depend on the name of our university, certificate of achievements, not even from our parents' surname. We are responsible to our own actions. We are so unique that the purpose why we live is so different from others. Why bother if you didn't finish college? There's still time to drag that degree to your CV. There's still time to ignite the engine from rags to riches. There is still time to boost your potentials and help other people grow. Who says the clock ceased to tick? Just be confident. Your value in the society is not determined by where you've come from but what you do now and what you can do in the future!