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20 December 2012

YOUnique: Understanding Others by Understanding You

I think this is one of the many things that we need to know while on earth. We need to know ourselves more than we know others. (The latter sounds familiar, isn't it?)

Have you thought about why people are different? Why leaders should find people who can COMPLEMENT their weaknesses rather hire individuals who just follow instructions? We all have unique personality. We are created with diversity. There's no two persons who think, act and speak the same way.

Jayson Lo's book, YOUnique, mentioned that if you have many people problems, think about this possibility, are all these people really the problem, or could the problem

You need to understand yourself first so you can understand others better. Simply, know who you are and your personality and understand that other people are not like you.

May take-away from this book can be summed up in the principle of Personality Envy and Personality Denial. That, we should avoid them.

Personality Envy is vying to have the gifts of another person. We should be thankful for our talents. We just don't know that there might be a number of people who know us and envy us for what we have.

Personality Denial is not accepting who you are and what God has given you. We can't live pretending who we are not. Our true self will be revealed at the most perfect time and it could be a painful experience. We'll only end up frustrated and disappointed.

Let's know our personality and focus on our strengths.


YOUnique by Jason Lo is available in all major bookstores nationwide. Oh, why don't you buy this as gift for Christmas? Call CSM Publishing at 852 7301 and reserve now. It's only Php 375.00 per copy. :)

21 November 2012

If you are a leader...

The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant.

—Max DePree

The first thing you should do is communicate what you want, where to go, how to do it and predict the outcome. Many team players are lost, not just in translation, but direction. Of course, aim something that is achievable.

Then, while you are working with your team, be a servant. Offer a snack. Brew coffee. Tap them on the shoulders and commend them for working hard. Ask if there are things that you need to clarify. Don't wait till your staff mess up. Guide them and give concrete instructions.

Lastly, THANK the team. It shows that leaders can't do ALL THE WORK on their own. Every member of the team has valuable contribution. JUST THANK THEM.

Then, celebrate for job well done.

05 October 2012

Personal Branding: A Closer Look

Why Do We (Still) Have Teachers

The technology has a great impact in the education system today. Everything is in the internet. The answers are available anytime. Simply, they are just a click away. Basically, we can learn by just intelligently surfing the internet.

But, what if? What if tomorrow the teachers are gone? I couldn't imagine the world without them. I believe, amidst the advent of rising technology, teachers still exist today because of these purposes:

1. Students need a friend.

We don't need a machine to supply us what we need to know. We need someone who cares. Someone who is passionate in imparting life's lessons to the learners.

2. Students need a coach.
We need motivation. We need strategies. If not, a basketball game would be different when players play by themselves. We need someone to tap our back and say, "Hey, do good next exam. Power up your review. I know you can make it on top." That's what Google can't do.

3. Students need to learn disciplines.
Entertainment is good. It's fun. Yet, teachers show us how to be more disciplined in life. They know when we spent most of time our time in playing, we're not getting anywhere. Learning is still fun. :)

Teachers taught us how to dream and how to build that dream. Then, they deployed us to the professional world. They TRUSTED us that WE CAN achieve our dreams.

They are like our parents. They rejoice with us in our victories, achievements and successes.

Today is Teachers' Day. Let thank our HEROES who spent almost half of their (daily) lives caring for us.

26 August 2012

It’s Your Turn

Who loves impromptu speeches? Perhaps, there are about a few. Some people tremble whenever they are asked to deliver a short message in front of a listening audience. Why are we (sometimes) scared of being “on the spot”?

In life, we missed several opportunities because they seemed to be a surprise to us. Why some great things easily slipped from our hands just because we were not able to recognize them?

Here are some tips to overcome the impromptus in life:

Preparation is the key.
Don't be caught unaware. If you dream to become a business tycoon someday, don't just count your money. Prepare for the down times too. Arm yourself with patience, integrity and wisdom. For students, take time to study your lessons in advance. By the time of surprise examination, Google won't be available to help you. You can only pick what's already in your brain. In any competition, you'll have your turn.

Expect more.
I have friends who expect great things to happen in their life. They are always excited. Fun to be with. Hanging out with them makes me feel light and happy. Being expectant prepares you emotionally to handle greater things. On the other hand, it's not wrong to think the opposite. You don't have any control over what's yet to come. Thinking for the worse will lead you to the right decision. Remember, you'll be in the center stage soon.

Be guided by a purpose.
The first and the last thing we will consider in life is the single, important and intangible word- PURPOSE. When you are called to speak in front of multitudes for 60 seconds, you can always count on your purpose why you live on earth. Then, values comes next. When you are given a chance to manage a multi-million peso business or become the awards night champion, always think of the purpose why you are in the spotlight.

Surprises excuse no one. It happens to us, not just once. The next time you'd encounter an impromptu in life, you know what to do. Now, it's your turn. Happy success!!!

24 August 2012

Trim Your Activities

Yes, I am writing this because I'm too busy. Just like a lot of you reading this post. I am so overwhelmed with many responsibilities. Every person tries to snatch a piece of my time.

What to do when you don't know what to do? How can we trim our activities?

Here are some keys...

Some things need to be delegated to a trusted follower, partner or subordinate. In the office, there are tasks that you could hand-over to a faithful staff. he must be waiting for you to trust him with a more delicate assignment. Just identify the things that other people can do so you can focus on greater responsibilities.

Work Management
With some stuff left in you, do the easy tasks first. These are the things that you can do very easily, without spending much time thinking. Finish them all so you can take time working on more complex and complicated ones. Make sure you you'll beat the deadline.

Keep Moving Slow.
You might think I am misleading you. I am not. Keeping a slower pace will let you see what's wrong with your actions. If you will move fast, chances are, you are too quick to commit mistakes. Why hurry when you are already done with small things and some are delegated already.

As you go up the ladder of success, the key is to learn how to delegate responsibilities. Moving up can be exciting yet one wrong step may lead you to failure. Your time is precious. Make sure the ones you love still gets the best of you.

12 July 2012

Why Giving Up Leads to Tragedy

I'm giving up! I'm giving up!!!

Have you heard that seemed to be a small voice but roared like a lion inside of you? When times are difficult, it's so easy to give up. Yet, that decision may lead you to tragedy.

You had a bright idea. The moment to felt the drive to make it happen, you acted. You plowed the ground and started to plant the seeds. Suddenly, you failed. Someone says, "Hey, I told you it won't really work. Go back to the tradition."

Why choose to give up when you can pick yourself up? Here are some that you'll miss when you drop the sword and raise the white flag.

Experience is a teacher. It will lead you to have a more disciplined life. You will learn to distinguish the right decisions and actions. When you give up, you'll never learn through the process. Few more days, you'll regret that you've given up.

Fulfillment is a source of joy. The 1st Grader gets the star stamp for passing the exam and having an excellent mark. Can you picture his excitement to tell his parents about it? That's the joy of passing through a test. The parents would surely be proud of him. I wonder what could have happened when he didn't take the exam because he thought it was the most difficult test questions ever made. How many of us have already given up even before trying?

How would you feel when someone got that elusive promotion to become the manager? Well, it could have been you. Every little thing we do has a corresponding reward- tangible and intangible. When you give up along the way, every hard work becomes futile. You sweat a lot then you gave up? How was that? You may not see the fruits of your labor yet but when you finish the race, I'm pretty sure there is a reward waiting. I am reminded of this saying, "At the end of the rainbow is a pot of gold."

Giving up will open the door for tragedy. You will lose opportunities that can bring you to a skyrocket success.

If you feel like giving up, pray. Consult with your mentor. Talk to a friend. Find ways to inspire yourself. Let your passion drive you. Just don't give up.

30 June 2012

The 9 to 5 Millionaire

What came to your mind as you read the title? I thought to myself, "Is this possible?" Author Leila Hernandez answered my question in her upcoming book 9 to 5 Millionaire: Journey from a 9 to 5 job to Financial Freedom.

I was so interested to discover why she became a millionaire while having a prestigious post in multinational companies. She unfolds her secrets at the latter pages of the book. (That's for you to know!) Yet, I would like to share with you the precious insights I learned from her through the book. These things inspired me a lot.

Search and Learn from Role models and Mentors.
We need people to guide us in our journey to become a millionaire someday. In the chapter Planning Your 9 to 5 Millionaire Journey, she mentioned that we need advice from experts or the millionaires. They are the ones who learned in the course of their pursuit to have their first million. Ask them about the decisions and actions they made that made them successful.

Love Your Learning Curve.
The journey doesn't promise a smooth path. There will be struggles and pains. Much more, we are responsible to equip ourselves for the challenges we would face. Well, it's part of the learning curve. The author encourages us to invest in learning new things- through books, seminars and even surfing in the internet.

In the Filipino culture, we are aware that after graduating in college, most of us will apply for a job. Sometimes, the job we choose is not related in our field of studies. I would recommend the book 9 to 5 Millionaire for fresh graduates since their mind can easily adopt a new discipline. Also, I would recommend this book for working professionals who are not yet prepared to leave their present job. Remember, it's fun to discover new things. :)

Leila Hernandez has gone through difficulties, like us. So, what's the difference? She made it on top. Unselfishly, she published her story so that we can be a 9 to 5 Millionaire.

9 to 5 Millionaire will be out of bookstores soon. For personal orders, please contact:
Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc.
852.7301 to 04

19 June 2012

On Spending Discipline: Perk Up Your Wallet!

One of the disciplines people tend to forget is wise spending. Almost every pay day, malls bombard us with announcements of their 3-day sale. They will give you plenty of reasons why you should shop now, and pay later. :)

The powerful tool of a working professional nowadays is credit card. You can buy anything. There's nothing wrong with using this card. Just don't let it rule over you.

Since early 2000, I have been using prepaid call cards. I think, it's one discipline that I have developed in terms of spending. Once my phone runs out of load, I will think twice or thrice on the amount to load.

Just recently, I started to use MoneySwap. It's a prepaid and savings card powered by RCBC. It actually complements my wise spending discipline.

Because it's prepaid, I have full control on how to dispose the cash. I check my balance online through to monitor my expenses.

No more worries of bringing cash abroad. MoneySwap is a VISA card and is globally recognized. No worries of monthly maintaining balance too!

While you want to keep your credit cards and other ATM accounts, MoneySwap is a perfect companion for your wallet. Use it with MoneySwap partner establishments and enjoy the privileges. Perk up your wallet now!

Learn more about MoneySwap. Here's a link to their Facebook Page- .

16 June 2012

Start Something to a More Exciting Life

We are capable of thinking new ideas. The only challenge is how to turn the idea to reality. Unless we act on it, nothing will happen.

My friend, Yeng Remulla is an inspiration to many. His bestselling title “Productive Pinoy” hit it’s 3rd printing already- with less trade promotion and less marketing effort. His idea of uplifting the Filipino pride became contagious. Thus, START SOMETHING event at Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street last June 8, 2012 was a success.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share the stage with the notable author, the owner of the mouth-watery food blog that has 30,000 followers- Rochelle Chua and the Gospel Yoyo Man- Cornel Bongco.

I talked about how I shifted careers to have a more exciting life. Dear friends, here’s what I shared:


Hello. Thank you for that overwhelming introduction.
For the next few minutes, I’m going to disturb your simple life and inspire you to make it more exciting.

I started my career as a marketing agent of a publishing company that is why I am used to this kind of event. My primary job was to meet the sales quota for each quarter. I was not informed that my role will include dusting-off the books and arranging them on the shelves of bookstores. Those experiences paved way for me to discover where I would be happy- meeting new people and organizing events. In 2007, I was able to successfully organize the book launch of “Young Women on the Journey” where Nikki Gil was one of the contributors.

As a rising star, I felt that there’s much more in store for me. I thought, I already knew the difference between a nail and a screw. So I resigned from my publishing work and wandered in desert, looking for potential employers. I applied in different industries just to check if I would be fitted in the work. Of course there were struggles. After 9 months, I landed in an Outdoor Advertising company and stayed there for 3 years.

How can you marry risk with your passion? In that company, my job is secured. I can stay there whenever I want. Then, in the course of building a project, I discovered many things about online marketing, social media and blogging. So I started to blog. I started to read business books because I dream that someday I will have my own company. I found a mentor who patiently trained me to become a CEO someday. Slowly, I was developing myself to become an entrepreneur. But I still have my 8-5 job. I can’t do what I would love to do. My boss will get angry if I will tell him, “Sir, I’m sorry. I won’t do what you told me because I’m busy doing what I love to do.” I waited patiently until an opportunity came for me to become a business associate. I embraced the risk of leaving my secured job and bank on my passion to learn more things

Now, I’m working with extraordinary brilliant people who are passionate about how to make brands more exciting online. Everyday, I wake up early in the morning with excitement. I have more time to learn, explore and meet new people. It’s nice to know that all of us are given unique opportunities to start something. We just need a room for preparation and proper flight towards our dream. What stops you in pursuing your dreams? What hinders you to have a more exciting life?

I will end my segment with this quote from my blog. Be the ACHIEVER. If you want to start something, create something. Take the first step and see where your dreams can bring you.

Think. You have the chance to start something. Grab a paper and pen and write that great idea now. Then, act. Let’s start something!

You can order PRODUCTIVE PINOY here- .Or, just visit the bookstore near you and grab your copy.

25 May 2012

The Beauty of Time

We can earn millions of dollars if we will work hard. Highly skilled individuals demand luxurious compensation. The more you are knowledgable about certain skill, the more opportunities you'll have. As you save, invest and work excellently, you can earn millions. But you can't use the same principle with your time.

The beauty of time lies in its unique feature- it's intangibility. You can't hold it for a second when you're happy, neither accelerate it when you're in pain.

Life is beautiful, like what I heard from a friend. So is time. It's wonderful to have time with the person you love. It's nice to know that we are given enough time to spend in a day. We just have to be wise in how and where to use it.

I recently joined a digital marketing agency called Team Meta Our set up is fully unconventional, far from the traditional office setting. We value time, thus we are allowed to use our precious time on our own rules. Meetings are done in a coffee shop. Creativity is highly encouraged.

Time is gold, as the saying goes. We are given 24 hours in a day, everyone of us. Like money, spend it wisely. Appreciate time's beauty. Someday, you may not have it anymore.

07 May 2012

Moving Forward

One of the most difficult feeling I know is when you know you are moving out.

Thinking back. You were so excited to bring all your stuff and post them in your apartment. Settled there for few years. Then, the time came that you need to pack all things and move out. You don't jump around and rejoice. There must be something that will slightly pull you back- the neighbors and friends, the convenience, the hassle of packing things, the uncertainties, your dog won't like the new place and many more.

It's difficult to answer the usual questions, "where will you go?" or "what are your plans?" The people who became dear to you suddenly will take every opportunity to spend time with you. They're gonna drop other things just to grab your precious time. Here, you can only be overwhelmed. I admire those kind of friends. They will make you feel so special, it feels like you are the best person in the world. I figured out, it's not easy to tell someone you love you're gonna leave. If you are not convinced, try it with your best friend.

In any relationship, it's inevitable. Each one of has will have this moment of flight. We can't control life circumstances but we can choose to let special people remain living in our heart, till eternity.

13 April 2012

Aim Small Victories

The bigger the dream, the longer it takes to have it. We must go through the process.

Small goals are easier to achieve and it makes us happy.

There's nothing wrong with big dreams. It's just that, in order to achieve it, we must undergo the preparation. Sadly, some are not willing to take the risks entailed.

On another perspective, small victories are priceless. We can celebrate small victories. I figured out, if we don't achieve small things, frustration levels up. Disappointment poisons our drive to reach the greater victory. Worst, it damages our character.

Set small goals like:

- finish reading a book by 30 days.
- run a mile every week.
- learn a sport in 2 months.
- take short courses in public speaking.
- learn a musical instrument in 3 months.

Plan a small and a big goal. Why? While we achieve the small goal, we get fired up to reach the bigger goal. If we are filled with the joy of small victories, frustration can't find a hole to creep in.

27 March 2012

10 Disciplines to a Successful College Life

10 disciplines to a successful college life by malvin dinlasan
View more presentations from Malvs.

Had a chance to give an inspirational talk to over 200 graduating high school students of my school- Ramon Pascual Institute. Here's what I shared.

13 March 2012

Time to Pick Up Stones

There must be a time in a day's rush, stones are dropped along the way. The stones you kept for years suddenly slipped from your hand. The problem occurs when you need to choose to leave it or pick it up again.

You messed up with your project and it left you few hours to redo and submit it. Should you say you messed up and accept the fact that you are doomed, full dropped grade of 65 in the subject? Deep inside are voices of frustration. The blame of self. Disappointments cry out loud. What will you do?

Missed your flight back home in a very important day for your family. You promised to buy your kid a bicycle but wasn't able to save for it. Said you would be 10 minutes earlier for a meeting to close the sale but you are trapped in the middle of the road that was just 5 kilometers from the meeting place. Not to mention the lack of parking lot. Where can you get the inspiration and courage?

In those times, pretending is not a good choice. Not even the best escape plan. This must be a time to swallow your ego and charge it to learning experience. What we missed we can't change. We can only control what's in our hand.

The same with relationships. It maybe difficult to pick up some stones dropped along the journey but it doesn't mean you can't build your beautiful landscape again. The ties are still there, regardless of how soon wounds would heal. If you can move the puzzle pieces again to see the matchless portrait masterpiece, do so. Your parents are just waiting for you to sing and dance with them again. Your friend would just need your warm embrace and sincere whisper. Your old friend must have thought of you in times of difficulties because you used to be her crying shoulders.

Don't think twice, just pick up those stones and rebuild again.

28 February 2012


My friend who is an HR consultant had a conversation with the Chairman of the Board. He told the chairman that he is a work in progress. The chairman is a fair old man, fulfilled, had influenced many and notable in his wisdom. To my friend's surprise, the Chairman smiled and said, "I'm also a work in progress."

Tell me, how many managers will admit that they are a work in progress? Then, how many of us will swallow our pride and profess that we are a work in progress?

This world has taught us to be tough. Our leadership might have been walking up to our head. We forget that the moment we reprimand a staff, we are dealing with a person, not an animal nor an idiot.

When was the last time we spend time with our colleagues and chat about personal matters? Is the world we are living still connected?

We are all a work in progress. Everyone deserves a second chance. Even a third and fourth chance. If you leaders want to be successful, I challenge you to develop a person who would gladly follow your steps. Sometimes, the reason they are not performing well is because we leaders don't have time mentoring. That's the main reason you are sitting in that high chair. Now, if your staff didn't understand you, it's not that he's a fool. This requires you to check yourself. You might be running out of patience.

We are all undone. Always remember that.

Just a note. Companies have cliches in hunting good people to join their team. They are looking for people who can work with less supervision. This is quite good for them. Save time and work more. And of course, outstanding professionals work with less supervision.

I'm just afraid of those companies because they are communicating me that there's no mentor inside- all are managers. Maybe they should just buy machines or acquire a robot with programs installed. The leader is a person, so as the staff.

22 February 2012


In all decisions, timing is very important.

We may have the best idea, the greatest conclusion and the most effective strategy in mind. That's really possible. The next most important thing to consider is the timing.

When to decide? It's up to you. You may be too early or too late. Sometimes, it's really impossible to hit the perfect timing. If you did, congratulations.

If you are to make a decision, think how it will affect your present and future. Dig your past experiences and evaluate them to guide you to have the right decision.

How could you know if it's the right time? I believe a door will be opened. When you started to see the opportunity rather the negative probabilities, make a decision. Just make sure your decision is right if you have the right timing.

Test yourself. When is the best time to...

...propose to marry your girl?
...shift your career? ice cream - when you are happy or depressed? a (an expensive) laptop computer?
...become an entrepreneur?

14 February 2012

Just Before You Lead

Real leaders are willing to be coached. They listen, understand and learn.

A coach is someone who's passionate of helping others reach their goal. He operates by love and sincerity. His words are encouraging. And, as meek as possible. He's there to comfort, guide and inspire. He must be rare, sometimes expensive. In a season, he must be strong to squeeze you and extract your inmost being. Leaders, the learning process could be painful. But, it is worth a million.

Today, if you want to be a real leader in any field, find a coach. And, find someone to coach.

27 January 2012

Who Should We Listen To

This could be one of the most intriguing, controversial entry I would write. Since birth, we were trained to listen to instructions and follow those who are ahead of us. Today, these principles could help. Things have changed- the way we think and the way we live.

In every step, there's a decision to be made. From how to drink your milk to how to preserve your blueberry cheesecake for 7 days. We are living in a very noisy environment where people love to talk. The internet, social networks and blogs made everything possible, and offer almost everything. In fact, they could rule over your decisions.

In times of tough decisions, who should you listen to?

Take their thoughts.

A Mentor
The mentor has gone before you. No one can ever give you a fact in the past than him. He's a great adviser. He has experienced pain while you were still learning to stand alone inside the crib. He has a lot of stories to tell about his regrets and disappointments as well as victories and overjoys.

Seek a mentor. Qualify the person whom you could ask to be your mentor. Just remember, the mentor will not decide for you. But, he is the perfect guy to count on to help you come up with the best decision.

A Prodigal Son
And here's the son who has wandered in the desert, once or twice. He'd tell you how thirsty and hungry he was in his journey when he despised counsels. He has truckloads of realization on his way home and it's good to hear them to guide you in making decisions so you won't commit the same mistakes.

People who have lost their direction in life and was able to find a brighter way to live are honest advisers. In fact, their advice is precious. You'd save tons of time to spend in crafting junks in your life.

A Kid
That little child has no regret, no past, no disappointments. Throw the ball to him and he'll play it in many ways. Kick it. Punch it. Roll it. Bite it! Everything is right for him because his purpose is to play! Now, I'll throw the ball to you and you'll be cautious to dribble it right. Right? That is if you were able to catch the ball. What's wrong with failure? Everyone has failed.

As years add to our life, we become more perfectionist. We want everything right. We are careful with instructions. We forgot that we do things for fun, for happiness, for fulfillment not for regrets. Go to the children's playground and see what I mean.

A Proverb A Day
Have you checked your values? Your priorities? Do you have life principles to live by? If you have, that's great. If you don't have, I have a suggestion. The book of Proverbs has 31 chapters. Grab a Bible and start reading the book of Proverbs one chapter a day.

We make decisions based on our values and priorities. The people who surround you have integral role in influencing you how to make decisions- your friend, your family, your boss, your customers...everyone.

It's for you to decide who you should listen to.

11 January 2012

How to Design A Business

Was inspired by this module by Colin Raney. Creativity paves to a valuable business.

When we build a business, we provide solutions (not an additional problem) to the society. Let's create something valuable.

10 January 2012

It's More Fun in The Philippines

My take on the latest Department of Tourism campaign for the Philippines.

What's your more fun story?

02 January 2012

2012: Bid Goodbye to Passion Killers

I choose not to write about New Year Resolutions for 2012. Too many people have done that in their blogs and Facebook notes already. As most of us would think, a handful from millions of people would be able to stick on their so-called list of things they want to change or improve in their lives. This new year, I want to challenge you to make a real difference.

Have you realized that you are a wonderful creation and you have the power to invent something? Or, have you thought about adding value to others using your talents and skills?

The Year 2011 has recorded a lot of the worst. True. But, don't forget the BEST things happened to you. We must step our foot on the Passion Killers.

Assess where you spend your time with the most. Don't you have time to meet at least 3 new people a month? Have you read Seth Godin's Linchpin or John Maxwell's Winning With People? For those who live in Manila, have you invested in Francis Kong's Just When You Think You Can't Do It...Do It! or Yeng Remulla's Productive Pinoy? Do you spend more time in gadgets to play rather to learn? How quality is you "quality time" with your family? How many seminars have you attended? Mingle with great people, listen and learn from them.

The Challenge: Spend most of your time to activities that will add value to you so you could add value to others.

Who says you are chained in your routine everyday? If you think you are, that means you have perfected it overtime and it's time for you to accept greater responsibilities. Your job is more than a cash register. It's your heavenly-assignment. You are there because you need to learn and improve your skills. You are there to build others up. You are there to inspire your colleagues to excel. You are there to connect to your staff, customers and suppliers. It's the value you created while working that matters and lasts. Someone will outrun your past achievements but not your place in people's lives.

The Challenge: Do your job well while inspiring others do well with their jobs.

Get rid of the lies that you are not creative. I believe, even people who are good in numbers have brilliant creative ideas. Why do we have to classify ourselves to the world's standards? Read the book of Proverbs and learn wisdom. Your multi-million idea will come from God. You can't change your critics' opinion about you but you can change your attitude and deliver award-winning projects. It doesn't matter how they think about you but how you think about yourself. The moment you believe you are genius, that's the time you become one.

The Challenge: Explore new things and discover where you can be great at.

Sometimes, we spend more time doing favor for others than caring for personal needs. Look at your planner and your schedules will tell you whether the activities are for others or for yourself. It's not bad to pamper yourself once in a while. Take a break from work and spend time with yourself. Grab a coffee and list down the things you want to accomplish and fulfill it. I'll add emphasis on this: The more you know yourself, the more effective leader (person) you become.

The Challenge: Reserve a time to do what you want for skills improvement or fun, alone, and be happy.

Bid farewell to 2011 and the killers that ruined your passion. Say "Hello" to the new inventions you'll make in 2012.