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23 September 2011

You'll Always Need a Hand

"No man is an island." This may ring your bell.

Have you met somebody who thinks he knows everything? That helping him would make him feel like an idiot? Who thinks he can learn everything by himself? And, he can do everything alone? It could be others, or it could be us. Sadly, if that's us, we cannot meet "him" until we face the mirror.

Why is it so difficult for us to admit our limitations? It could be because of insecurity, intimidation or we just hate to be ridiculed by someone better than us. As I walk back through where I've been through, as I recall the shameful experiences caused by pretending that I know something, I have realized that life could be easy if I was just true to myself. Thus, I developed the attitude of learning and listening.

It's painful to accept honest truth. It feels humiliating. Instead like a honey that cheers our soul, honest truth is like a bitter vegetable. It's just that it tastes undesirable though it benefits us in the long run.

One of my mentors boldly rebuked me few years ago. This was about my I-am-just-an-ordinary-employee thinking . He woke me up by telling me that I need to grow and think like an executive. He stressed that I need to drop my ranking file-mindset and embrace leadership-mindset because it will affect the way I make decisions. You know, I really sweat a lot upon hearing those piercing truth. I thought I was doing good and I already know everything because I was a supervisor. But then I thought, having a certain title doesn't mean I am already an expert. There are still so much to learn in life and we can't know all things overnight.

I admire people who honestly admit their mistakes and I am happy to be surrounded by them. Those who have built their confidence through pain and struggles are most likely the ones who will encourage us to stand after we fall. They know that we need a hand.

We can't do everything alone. My former professor in Media Management, the late Orly Punzalan, once said that managers do things through other people. True. You'll never be a manager if there's no people under you. And, you wouldn't be an effective leader if you don't manage them or their tasks well. So, live the principle, not the title.

If you really want to learn and grow, master the art of listening first. After all, we are all created as God's workmanship- we are not perfect yet. Let's accept that in this world, we will need a hand- from friends, colleagues, mentors, from those who surround us. And in return, we must be joyful in offering our helping hand to others.

19 September 2011

Leadership at a glance


They figured out what they want though and get other people to do it.

Tried to let people do what they did yesterday but a little faster and a little cheaper.


Leaders find the right people, agreeing where they want to go and getting out of the way.

Leadership is embracing the failure of your people that leads to growth.

Let's learn from Seth Godin.

15 September 2011

Make Your First Million- How Chinkee Tan Hit 6-Zeros in Direct Selling

Since college, I have heard of many direct selling businesses and how it helped people achieve their dreams. I have even attended business presentations and was fascinated by the “unlimited opportunities” of making money from it. Since I'm a marketing guy, direct sellers have difficulty in convincing me to join their group even though most of them showed me their “earning checks” up front. I said to myself, “If I will find a team that offers products that I can believe in, which I will use myself, then I will join their business.” Sure enough, this year I joined Excell Global Marketing. (

Making your first million is the hardest, but making your next million is easy. How true? Well, let's learn from the expert- Chinkee Tan. He is currently one of the most sought-after trainers and motivational speakers for various industries and specializing in the industry of direct selling.

How I Made My 1st Million in Direct Selling and How You Can Too!

His newly released book inspired me and woke up my sleeping entrepreneurial spirit. If you haven't considered direct selling as your way to million, grab a copy of this book and learn how the business can help you achieve your dreams. And, if you are already in the business, buy copies for your friends and networks!

In this book, he defined steps on setting an appointment, prospecting, communicating the business and empowering others to build their personal goals. You will be able grasp in just few days of reading what Chinkee Tan has learned through the business for many years! (That's already a great favor for you!) I admire the author for unselfishly sharing his precious insights in this book and he is also honest to tell us helpful tips in identifying the right company to join. For those who don't know how to sell, he clearly explained the 6 steps of selling process:

Step 1. Prospecting
Step 2. Inviting
Step 3. Presenting
Step 4. Closing
Step 5. Follow up
Step 6. Training

The best-selling author shared his wealth of experience in direct selling:

 How he overcame himself from fear of rejection
 How he has developed his confidence in doing presentations
 How he has changed his mindset from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur
 How he has mastered his attitude towards failure
 How he has been faithful to his mission to help others change their lives (until today)

It's already a GUIDE for business starters and a TOOL for seasoned direct sellers!

Keep reading, learning and earning!!!

Chinkee authored 3 best-selling books — “Till Debt Do Us Part” (Six Steps to Financial Freedom) and “For Richer and For Poorer” (or Why The Rich Get Richer and The Poor Get Poorer). His recently released book “Rich God, Poor God” (The Spiritual Side of Money) will tell you “why God wants you to prosper and be successful!”

For bulk orders of How I Made My 1st Million in Direct Selling and How You Can Too! by Chinkee Tan, you may call CSM Publishing at (632) 852-7302 and look for Faye Villanueva.

08 September 2011

I am a Cheer-Leader

You might be thinking of an image of a young female university student wearing a neat and colorful costume and shouting out loud to your game players?

Yes, like this one.

Cheerleaders are there to boost the team's energy and will to win the game. Notice a game without any cheering squad. You are one of the inter-collegiate basketball players. You play at your best but no one claps. You scored but no one rejoiced with you. You missed a goal and no one cheered you up. Can you describe the feeling? Well, that game is meant to be forgotten. It's would be nothing and it loses its value to you. The reason you want to win is because you represent the university. But, somehow, your school failed to send co-students to motivate you. And, much more painful, your opponent has the home court advantage where students are cheering their team while they "booh" you.

Do you know somebody who has just lost his confidence? Is there anyone you can inspire today and build his self-esteem? I believe, real leaders know how to cheer their team even in the most challenging times. After all, leaders are tested by the problems he solve for the team and for others.

Have you been a Cheer-Leader? Were you able to inspire your team when they felt undecided and confused? When they lost their enthusiasm? When troubles of family, work and relationships consumed them? Leaders, your followers need a tap on the shoulder. They need a word of encouragement. They look up to you when they got off track.

Appreciate your people. Give them a round of applause for a work done. Let their fire back. And most importantly, let them understand and feel that you are guiding them. It's not important, though, if they don't meet your standards. Humans are emotional. Once you inspire them, you'll see them following you on the top.

Don't be a dream-killer, be a Cheer Leader.

07 September 2011

OMF Lit Bookshops bring Inspiration, Instruction and Insight this MIBF 2011

It's what BOOK LOVERS are waiting for each year. Books with huge discounts will be available in every corner. The Manila International Book Fair 2011 will be held at SMX Convention Center from September 14 to 18. Again, we're going to see kids, students, teachers, professionals, parents and every book lover rushing to fill their baskets with books- thick and thin, big and small. I couldn't just imagine book lovers flooding to each booth and fighting for a space just to get their desired book!

Here are the things you should do before you go to the book fair:

1. Prepare your budget.
This will help you because when you get there, I can't promise that you'll stop craving for more books. At least, having a budget will limit you and help you buy what you really need.

Get a FREE I READ POSTCARD at any OMF Bookshops in Metro Manila. (Log on to for the list of bookshops. You can also download the postcard from the website.) With this, you are entitled to a 30% discount on selected OMF Lit published titles!

2. Save time.
If you are a working professional, you only have few hours to browse books at every booth. OMF Lit Bookshop, the country’s leading Christian publisher, wants to share good reads for inspiration, instruction and insight to you. Just proceed to Aisle D, shop and enjoy 20% discount.

3. Bring your friends with you.
Book Lovers, share your joy to your friends! I seldom see people go to book fair alone. First, because it's not good to be alone carrying piles of books. Second, the book fair is designed to be enjoyed with a companion. Yearly, I see families spending their weekend at the event while Dad has to pay everything his children throw in their baskets and bags. No one can buy the essence of having someone to share with your joy, even in buying books. Also, drop by at the free events during the fair.

OMF Lit Events and Activities

Storytelling activities for kids on September 14-16
Pinoy Christian Bloggers meet-up on September 15
Live broadcast of The Edge Radio on September 16
Words and Music (mini-concert and book excerpt reading) on September 17
Authors Meet and Greet:
o Joyce Piap Go - September 14
o Francie Castaneda-Lacanilao - September 14
o Grace Chong - September 14
o Hiram Pangilinan - September 16
o Gicky Soriano - September 16
o Ronald Molmisa - September 17

Now, you are prepared for the much awaited book fair of the year. Come and enjoy the thrill of the book fair craze!

01 September 2011

Hammer and Nails

The technology has taught us to live life simple. Machines and computers aid our everyday lives. Today, many people tend to rely on apps and other available helpful tools rather than exercising their brains with analysis, numbers and situational problem solving. What's my basis on this?

I have a nice organizer but I put my schedule on my phone.

I have a pencil but I grab the calculator for minimal number problems.

I wanted to have an iPad so I can load it with eBooks rather bring thick (and heavy) published books.

I have a dictionary but I ask Google for word definitions.

I can buy a journal but I choose to write my thoughts in this blog.

You too can have a list like this. Yours could be a little longer than this. What I want you to share you is we are all tempted to lose a sense of responsibility to learn more. If we are not careful to exercise our mind in solving problems, we won't be able to apply those problem-solving principles in real life. There's no computer system ever created that is designed to provide solutions to your relationship problems. Systems can definitely provide data but it can't give you sound advice for your career problem. Life's principles can be learned from seeking a professional advice or a friendly advice or reading an inspirational book.

Always remember, the technology is there as a TOOL. Like a hammer and a nail, we should use the technology as your tool and choose what kind of nail you are going to use. Don't just depend on the technology but USE it at your advantage.

Write your thoughts in a blog. Maximize social networking to uplift yourself and encourage others as well. Take time to read reviews and learn your craft from YouTube. Download helpful presentations from SlideShare. Follow prominent people in Twitter and adopt their successful thinking.

By the way, modernization keeps on advancing. It only means that you should upgrade yourself once in a while too because it will not wait for you.