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30 June 2012

The 9 to 5 Millionaire

What came to your mind as you read the title? I thought to myself, "Is this possible?" Author Leila Hernandez answered my question in her upcoming book 9 to 5 Millionaire: Journey from a 9 to 5 job to Financial Freedom.

I was so interested to discover why she became a millionaire while having a prestigious post in multinational companies. She unfolds her secrets at the latter pages of the book. (That's for you to know!) Yet, I would like to share with you the precious insights I learned from her through the book. These things inspired me a lot.

Search and Learn from Role models and Mentors.
We need people to guide us in our journey to become a millionaire someday. In the chapter Planning Your 9 to 5 Millionaire Journey, she mentioned that we need advice from experts or the millionaires. They are the ones who learned in the course of their pursuit to have their first million. Ask them about the decisions and actions they made that made them successful.

Love Your Learning Curve.
The journey doesn't promise a smooth path. There will be struggles and pains. Much more, we are responsible to equip ourselves for the challenges we would face. Well, it's part of the learning curve. The author encourages us to invest in learning new things- through books, seminars and even surfing in the internet.

In the Filipino culture, we are aware that after graduating in college, most of us will apply for a job. Sometimes, the job we choose is not related in our field of studies. I would recommend the book 9 to 5 Millionaire for fresh graduates since their mind can easily adopt a new discipline. Also, I would recommend this book for working professionals who are not yet prepared to leave their present job. Remember, it's fun to discover new things. :)

Leila Hernandez has gone through difficulties, like us. So, what's the difference? She made it on top. Unselfishly, she published her story so that we can be a 9 to 5 Millionaire.

9 to 5 Millionaire will be out of bookstores soon. For personal orders, please contact:
Church Strengthening Ministry, Inc.
852.7301 to 04

19 June 2012

On Spending Discipline: Perk Up Your Wallet!

One of the disciplines people tend to forget is wise spending. Almost every pay day, malls bombard us with announcements of their 3-day sale. They will give you plenty of reasons why you should shop now, and pay later. :)

The powerful tool of a working professional nowadays is credit card. You can buy anything. There's nothing wrong with using this card. Just don't let it rule over you.

Since early 2000, I have been using prepaid call cards. I think, it's one discipline that I have developed in terms of spending. Once my phone runs out of load, I will think twice or thrice on the amount to load.

Just recently, I started to use MoneySwap. It's a prepaid and savings card powered by RCBC. It actually complements my wise spending discipline.

Because it's prepaid, I have full control on how to dispose the cash. I check my balance online through to monitor my expenses.

No more worries of bringing cash abroad. MoneySwap is a VISA card and is globally recognized. No worries of monthly maintaining balance too!

While you want to keep your credit cards and other ATM accounts, MoneySwap is a perfect companion for your wallet. Use it with MoneySwap partner establishments and enjoy the privileges. Perk up your wallet now!

Learn more about MoneySwap. Here's a link to their Facebook Page- .

16 June 2012

Start Something to a More Exciting Life

We are capable of thinking new ideas. The only challenge is how to turn the idea to reality. Unless we act on it, nothing will happen.

My friend, Yeng Remulla is an inspiration to many. His bestselling title “Productive Pinoy” hit it’s 3rd printing already- with less trade promotion and less marketing effort. His idea of uplifting the Filipino pride became contagious. Thus, START SOMETHING event at Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street last June 8, 2012 was a success.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share the stage with the notable author, the owner of the mouth-watery food blog that has 30,000 followers- Rochelle Chua and the Gospel Yoyo Man- Cornel Bongco.

I talked about how I shifted careers to have a more exciting life. Dear friends, here’s what I shared:


Hello. Thank you for that overwhelming introduction.
For the next few minutes, I’m going to disturb your simple life and inspire you to make it more exciting.

I started my career as a marketing agent of a publishing company that is why I am used to this kind of event. My primary job was to meet the sales quota for each quarter. I was not informed that my role will include dusting-off the books and arranging them on the shelves of bookstores. Those experiences paved way for me to discover where I would be happy- meeting new people and organizing events. In 2007, I was able to successfully organize the book launch of “Young Women on the Journey” where Nikki Gil was one of the contributors.

As a rising star, I felt that there’s much more in store for me. I thought, I already knew the difference between a nail and a screw. So I resigned from my publishing work and wandered in desert, looking for potential employers. I applied in different industries just to check if I would be fitted in the work. Of course there were struggles. After 9 months, I landed in an Outdoor Advertising company and stayed there for 3 years.

How can you marry risk with your passion? In that company, my job is secured. I can stay there whenever I want. Then, in the course of building a project, I discovered many things about online marketing, social media and blogging. So I started to blog. I started to read business books because I dream that someday I will have my own company. I found a mentor who patiently trained me to become a CEO someday. Slowly, I was developing myself to become an entrepreneur. But I still have my 8-5 job. I can’t do what I would love to do. My boss will get angry if I will tell him, “Sir, I’m sorry. I won’t do what you told me because I’m busy doing what I love to do.” I waited patiently until an opportunity came for me to become a business associate. I embraced the risk of leaving my secured job and bank on my passion to learn more things

Now, I’m working with extraordinary brilliant people who are passionate about how to make brands more exciting online. Everyday, I wake up early in the morning with excitement. I have more time to learn, explore and meet new people. It’s nice to know that all of us are given unique opportunities to start something. We just need a room for preparation and proper flight towards our dream. What stops you in pursuing your dreams? What hinders you to have a more exciting life?

I will end my segment with this quote from my blog. Be the ACHIEVER. If you want to start something, create something. Take the first step and see where your dreams can bring you.

Think. You have the chance to start something. Grab a paper and pen and write that great idea now. Then, act. Let’s start something!

You can order PRODUCTIVE PINOY here- .Or, just visit the bookstore near you and grab your copy.