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18 February 2015

Discover more

Perhaps, the happiness of a child is influenced by the things he discover in life. The first times are so precious- when he learned to use spoon and fork, say "Daddy" and "Mommy", then eventually ride a bike, sing a song or use the toilet bowl. The things he learned at the first time remains in memory.

As we age, we tend to forget to discover many things. The fun has ended. Discovery became a thing in the past. We do things that are normal, routinary and scheduled. What really spices up life is when we discover that we can do something we thought we can't do, experience things we thought we can't experience and have things we thought we can't have.

We still have time to discover more things. Learn how to swim. Taste different coffee flavors. Try spending time on the top of the mountain. Discover great places. Eat mouth-watery and great tasting food. Buy new rubber shoes - or buy your dream shoes. Inspire more people. Volunteer in events helping the poor. Talk about love. Learn more soft skills. Enroll in a music school, or in an art school.

The only person who will hinder us to do such things is ourselves. The question is, "what stops us from discovering more?". Why don't you take time to discover more? Get out of the ordinary life and grab some fun.

03 February 2015

Breaking Traditions

For more than a year, I have been fascinated with few web projects, service freelancing and late morning exercise. Nothing new except the calendar days. There came a time that I only watched the clock ticking, doing nothing. For me, breaking these routines are very challenging. It seems that it would last till forever.

Have you found yourself stuck in a consistent daily schedule? Are you in an environment where change is unwelcome and tied with lots of traditions?

Perhaps, the more serious question is--- what would you to do challenge the current set up? Well, it won't be easy.

Some will be surprised. Some will be happy. Others will be puzzled. Few will ignore. Handful will be clueless. No matter what happen, change is inevitable.

I have recently joined a prominent online store company with functions in Southeast Asia region. It offered a very neutral environment, far from my traditional employment setting. Being in a start-up company for more than a year, I have learned how to adjust 100% and adopt the current environment so easily. Plus, I need to wake up early in the morning to surpass the morning traffic.

Breaking traditions has a lot of benefits--- if we will only stretch our thinking and understanding. Landing in a new job means everything is new. You may know all things in your chosen field but accept that not everything is applicable to your new environment.

For those who are in the same arena of breaking traditions, I must say-- WELCOME.