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10 April 2014

Light A Candle: The Metro World Child Story

As a little child, Pastor Bill Wilson was left at a corner street in Brooklyn, New York City by his alcoholic mother in summer of 1961. Hoping his mother would come back for him, he waited there patiently - without food, water and shelter. After three days, someone reached out to him for help. It was then when he believed that even a single person can make a difference. In 1980, he founded Metro World Child.

It's nice to know that there are existing organizations who are working unselfishly for the sake of the next generation, just like Metro World Child. It is a global faith-based, humanitarian organization serving nearly 100,000 children each week with after school programs, Sunday School services, child sponsorship, special programs and personal home visits.

Pastor Bill Wilson went to the Philippines with a mission in his heart to reach the poor, unreached, inner-city kids of Metro Manila. Metro World Child has grown to over 40 partner churches in over eight different provinces including Metro Manila, Davao and Palawan. Currently, it has reach over 20,000 children on a weekly basis.

On March 8, 2014, Metro World Child started Sidewalk Sunday School in Barangay San Dionisio, Paranaque City. More than 200 kids participated in the program. During the program, the kids are taught about God's love and Bible stories.

The children enjoyed singing songs.

Had fun-filled games and lots of gift surprises.

At the very young age, the children are taught how to pray.

After the tiring but wonderful activities, snacks are being served.

In my personal interview with Pastor Bill Wilson, what he said about "recruitment of people" struck me. "The advertisers are spending millions of dollars just to communicate effectively to the young generation. They know that if they would invest in the youth, they are planting a bountiful harvest of brand recall and market share for the next generations. Same as each group of individuals who are recruiting people everyday - gangsters, fraternities, rebels, criminals, etc. Why not we do something to snatch them from being the problem of the society? We can't afford to lose a generation of righteous leaders who will walk with integrity and fear God most. Are we going to curse the darkness or simply light a candle?", said Pastor Bill.

To know more about Metro World Child, please visit We don't need fame or gold to be able to make a difference to the lives of many. We can help by giving, sponsoring a child, praying and volunteering at Metro World Child. It's a call for us to light a candle and give these young ones a hope for a better future.