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24 April 2015

Morning Fun at The Residence Inn Zoo

For a typical weekday, most office hours start at 8 o’clock in the morning.  At the same hour, in a Saturday morning, the sun welcomed me to the windy Tagaytay City. I’m gonna meet animals! Yes, a bunch of wonderful animals!

Spending a day or two to travel and explore distant places, far from daily paperworks and client engagements, help us feel refreshed. At least, our mind rests from rush works, strict deadlines and everyday heavy traffic in the metro.

The Residence Inn Zoo offers a unique experience with both nature and animals. Kids and adults would truly love the experience with awesome creatures from all around the globe.

Birds come with different sizes and colors. It’s nice to stare at them moving inside their cage as if they are the stars of the whole zoo. They are so cute but remember neither to tickle nor tease them because they might think you’re going to grab them. J

But wait, there’s a spot where you can feed the hungry birds!

I actually had an encounter with one so cute bird!

Snakes! Spiders! Your knees might tremble while heading towards the Serpentarium but there’s nothing to worry. Snakes and spiders are scary creatures so they are highly secured in thick glass home. Their home is also child-friendly.

 The encounter with the animals is a precious moment. The usual home pets are dogs, cats, love birds and gold fish. Here, the animals are those we don’t usually see. Aside from animal encounters, the zoo is surrounded with trivia about the animals.

Hey, turtle! How about giving me a cowabongga kick!

Here’s Aslan! This white lion was too lazy to entertain the guests. I suppose he was tired and sleepy. I need to zoom the camera to get a nice selfie photo of the king of the jungle! Roarrrr!

There’s an animal show at 11am. While sitting pretty at the theater-like seats, talented animals showcase their talents. Guest volunteers are able to touch the amazing animals such like cute parrots, lively lizard, hairy tarantula spider and weighty yellow snake!

I think this creature from the Middle East won’t get tired of chewing. He’s so prepared with the selfie shot.                                                                                                                                                           

WARNING. Meeting these animals can cause kids (and adults too!) to miss them. The zoo has thought of that already so they put a Zoovenir Shop! Huggable and lovely animal stuff toys are available.

Don’t miss this zoo-per fun experience of watching tigers show off its might! The clawed huge cats are trained and tamed so that the guests can have a souvenir photo with them. Oh, don’t be surprised that this 2-year old tiger drinks fresh milk like a baby!

The Residence Inn is one of the strategic places where you can appreciate nature, meet beautiful animals and have fun. One more thing: Don’t miss the zipline!!!

18 February 2015

Discover more

Perhaps, the happiness of a child is influenced by the things he discover in life. The first times are so precious- when he learned to use spoon and fork, say "Daddy" and "Mommy", then eventually ride a bike, sing a song or use the toilet bowl. The things he learned at the first time remains in memory.

As we age, we tend to forget to discover many things. The fun has ended. Discovery became a thing in the past. We do things that are normal, routinary and scheduled. What really spices up life is when we discover that we can do something we thought we can't do, experience things we thought we can't experience and have things we thought we can't have.

We still have time to discover more things. Learn how to swim. Taste different coffee flavors. Try spending time on the top of the mountain. Discover great places. Eat mouth-watery and great tasting food. Buy new rubber shoes - or buy your dream shoes. Inspire more people. Volunteer in events helping the poor. Talk about love. Learn more soft skills. Enroll in a music school, or in an art school.

The only person who will hinder us to do such things is ourselves. The question is, "what stops us from discovering more?". Why don't you take time to discover more? Get out of the ordinary life and grab some fun.

03 February 2015

Breaking Traditions

For more than a year, I have been fascinated with few web projects, service freelancing and late morning exercise. Nothing new except the calendar days. There came a time that I only watched the clock ticking, doing nothing. For me, breaking these routines are very challenging. It seems that it would last till forever.

Have you found yourself stuck in a consistent daily schedule? Are you in an environment where change is unwelcome and tied with lots of traditions?

Perhaps, the more serious question is--- what would you to do challenge the current set up? Well, it won't be easy.

Some will be surprised. Some will be happy. Others will be puzzled. Few will ignore. Handful will be clueless. No matter what happen, change is inevitable.

I have recently joined a prominent online store company with functions in Southeast Asia region. It offered a very neutral environment, far from my traditional employment setting. Being in a start-up company for more than a year, I have learned how to adjust 100% and adopt the current environment so easily. Plus, I need to wake up early in the morning to surpass the morning traffic.

Breaking traditions has a lot of benefits--- if we will only stretch our thinking and understanding. Landing in a new job means everything is new. You may know all things in your chosen field but accept that not everything is applicable to your new environment.

For those who are in the same arena of breaking traditions, I must say-- WELCOME.