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16 December 2011

Why You Need Personal Branding Now

In one of the seminars I attended, we were asked by the facilitator for a specific term/words that best describes us. By the way, the facilitator is known as the Chief Disturber, no other than Anthony Pangilinan. We threw in our best descriptions of who we think we are. Mine is INSPIRATIONAL.

A lot of people didn't know what best describes them. Much more, some didn't care to know who they really are. They just exist, doing their 8 to 5 work, often work overtime, and receive their monthly wage.

This is what Dan Schawbel says about personal branding:
Many people think that personal branding is just for celebrities such as Paris Hilton or Britney Spears, yet each and every one of us is a brand. Personal branding, by definition, is the process by which we market ourselves to others. As a brand, we can leverage the same strategies that make these celebrities or corporate brands appeal to others. We can build brand equity just like them. (, it's for you too. Personal branding is for everyone.

Let me inspire how personal branding can help you build and communicate your value.

1. It makes you consistent.
It constantly reminds you of who you are and who you are not. Many fall into temptation of being "others', wearing someone else's hat and mask, rather being true to themselves. As humans, sometimes we want to be the "go-to guy" that's why we seem to offer non-specialized, sub-standard works. I'm a musician, but I play music by passion and not by profession which many of my friends do. That's not my main cup of tea. I know, if I'd teach music, I'd be at lost at my own journey. You gain trust by being consistent. You step your foot ahead of others by being faithful to your passion. You shout your credibility. Know your strengths, passion, vision and priorities and stick to it.

2. It connects you with others.

Unless you say a word, no one will recognize you. Start communicating where you are good at and see how people connect with you. Create a personal calling card- whether you are a graphic artist, a medical professional, a blogger, a student, entrepreneur, writer or professional hair cutter. Craft your cards now while others remain too traditional. You exist to share your gifts and talents. Plus, when you connect, you earn respect and additional income as well. When there's a need, someone might look for you. Help others remember you by mentioning your personal branding statement.

3. It uplifts your value.

Yes, it's true. You are valuable. You are an extra-ordinary person. Don't even think you are created for less. I know, you are created for a purpose. Discover it and let others know about it. Share yourself. Talk for free. Advice for free. Volunteer in community service. If you are a talented singer, perform with excellence. If you know numbers, teach kids about it or blog about personal finance management. If you are creative, produce works worthy of applause. Treat your work as an assignment that you can't just ignore or minimize its value.

Our common mistake is we designed ourselves in what we think we are and not what we should be. For example, someone says "I am a teacher." Why not say "My passion is to help young individuals think more analytically so they can face the challenges of life." See the difference? The first statement is your profession- the uniform you wear clearly professes what you do. The latter speaks about the purpose why you teach. Which is better?

I used to be a marketing guy. Now, I'm someone who inspire others to pursue their passion, motivate people to create value and help entrepreneurs grow their business.

So when someone ask you what do you do now, what will you say? Time to speak your value.

07 December 2011

I Don't Know...

Why is it too difficult for us to tell someone that we don't know a thing? Why would a person care to pretend rather admit he doesn't know a thing? I guess it's the fear of not knowing. Can this kind of fear save us from humiliation or it only kindles the fire of foolishness? It's easy to pretend, act like you know "it" but the truth is you don't have any idea about "it".

It's easy for a sales person to pretend he knows his product just to sell. It's easy for a child to pretend like a professional auto mechanic and dissect his toy car. Pretending is too easy to do but we must be prepared for the consequences.

We can act like a somebody and hide in someone else's shadow. Yet, we must be aware of the effects in our character. When we refuse to admit what we don't know, we become proud. It will destroy our credibility. Other people will know about this and you'll be in trouble.

The moment you don't understand the instruction given, don't hesitate to ask again. Clarify. It's better to act like a fool until you fully understand and do the right thing instead of nodding and do the wrong thing which results to wrong outcome. Frustration will be your next issue.

Wise people admit what they don't know. Foolish humans can't understand this. (Perhaps, they will after reading this entry.) Learning starts when we admit what we don't know. This is the trait I observed in some top executives I know. When I share something that's new to them, they listen. They are confident enough to admit they don't know and they are ready to learn.

If you have the fear of not knowing, overcome it by asking questions. Just be willing to learn and admit that you don't know. You are wiser than you think if you already know what you don't know and you've done something about it.

23 November 2011

The 360 Degree Leader

Leadership must be holistic. It involves our inside and out. Much more, we must learn to lead the people above us, at peer leader level and below us. That's what 360 Degree leader means.

Just a review. Leadership is influence- nothing more, nothing less, says Dr. John Maxwell. Let's slice out what I got from this module.

Leading the people below you is a common thing. There are materials also that talks about leading your boss. Anthony Pangilinan, our excellent facilitator, stressed that the most difficult people to influence are your colleagues, co-managers, those who are in the same level as you. I definitely agree with this. Imagine, you all are in the same level. Not one above nor below. Just the same. How can you make them follow your footsteps, or somehow, agree with your opinions?

Here are The Principles 360-Degree Leaders Practice to Lead Across

Principle #1 Understand, Practice, and Complete the Leadership Loop

Principle #2 Put Completing Fellow Leaders Ahead of Competing with Them

Principle #3 Be a Friend

Principle #4 Avoid Office Politics

Principle #5 Expand Your Circle of Acquaintances

Principle #6 Let the Best Idea Win

Principle #7 Don't Pretend You're Perfect

In short, WIN your peers at all costs. Win their heart, mind and approval. Become their source of inspiration, encouragement and compliment.

This presentation I got from Slideshare will help you. (Though it was intended for a specific organization, just pick the principles presented.)

I highly recommend this module to anybody who wants to influence the people around you. After I attended this program, I was refreshed and reminded of my role in the organizations I belong to. I am there to solve problems, not to make one. What separates the leaders from the rest is their courage to stand in the middle of a crisis. Just think of our national heroes, great US Presidents, sports champions and global industry leaders- they stood up while others' knees shook.

With this man beside me, I feel like I am a better leader now.

Know more about this program, inquire here

Happy leading!

18 November 2011

I Am a Productive Pinoy!

What does it take to be a productive Pinoy?

I got to know the author of Productive Pinoy Yeng Remulla and his wife over hot coffee in a coffee shop at Paranaque City. There, we exchanged precious insights about life, productivity and Pinoys (Filipinos) in general. The conversation was so casual but full of passion to influence more Filipinos to excel in any field, start to build a business and live a good life with the help of God the Almighty.

The book Productive Pinoy is like a mirror to Filipinos. The author presented honest facts about Filipinos in a humorous way. His approach was very light and easy to understand. Just like me, especially if you are a Filipino, you wouldn't return the book in the shelf unless you're done reading it. The more you flip the pages, the more interesting it becomes.

It may appear ordinary but it's not. You need to be ready to admit your mistakes and challenges to face as you pursue productivity. Being productive requires discipline and to acquire discipline, it takes time and sacrifices. The book has chapters on eliminating productivity killers, reinventing the Filipino time and important factors that will help you deliver results.

Of course, this book is also filled with positive traits about Filipinos. As you read them, you'll feel a revolution inside of you and make you more proud of being a Filipino. (For Filipinos only! ;))

What I love in Productive Pinoy is the chapter Enjoy Life. Yes, we must enjoy our life, the fruit of our labor and have a great time too. We are not machines, as I may add. We are humans. It's not a sin to occasionally pamper ourselves once in a while, spend time with our family and be merry. While working, we must remember for whom we are working for- not just for a living but to live a good, successful and productive life.

For Productive Pinoy, I throw two thumbs up!

Now before you leave this page for any (good) reason, let me encourage you to find Productive Pinoy in Facebook. Just look for "I Am Productive Pinoy".

Let's spread the productive spirit! Go Productive Pinoys!!!

For bulk orders, contact The book is also available in leading bookstores nationwide.

14 November 2011

The Rule of the Ear

Listen to what? People are too noisy (and too busy talking!). Many wanted to speak out how they feel about the government, their education, their children, the economy, the culture, religion, work and so much more. Social sites dish out millions of opinions, views and thoughts from anyone who knows how to LIKE!, comment and post on walls! It happens everyday.

If we will fail to listen...that only means we will also fail to understand. Think of this for a while.

I know a lot of good people who love to speak and very few who wants to listen. I figured out, a wise man listens more than he speak. So true. The very first thing I learned from my professional english school AIEP - from my friend and mentor Chris Delacruz ( was listening. As I stepped on the platform, I thought I would be taught how to speak well. To my surprise, I learned that I need to develop my listening skills in order to communicate effectively.

Yes, we must listen from within us but it's essential to invite others to speak too. The moment we encourage others to converse their honest opinions, that's the only time we learn. Remember, it's not always about us. Take time to do others a favor by just listening.

Managers, listen to your people. Subordinates, listen to your superiors. Driving public, respect the rules of the road. It may not be a direct listening activity but I guess traffic enforcers don't need to shout on you to stop when traffic light turns red. Children, obey your parents. Followers, listen to your leaders. And, leaders must listen to your followers too!

In this rule, no one is exempted. Not even the president of any republic. Think why some countries are suffering from riots and disestablishment movements- simply because no one cares (or dares) to listen.

Listening plays a vital role in any relationship. Again, if we fail to listen, we fail to understand. We become more concern about ourselves and that will detach others from our life circle.

27 October 2011

Ask for What You Really Want

In this life, you get what you ask for. You get what you pay for. Sometimes, you get what you don't deserve.

Our recent group meeting discussion sparked the silence within our hearts when I ask my colleagues a question. "If we don't like our situation right now, could it be because we fail to ask God for what we really wanted?"

Ask yourself. Have you really asked for what you want or you just settled with what you have? Most of us started our life with a dream. Then, as years go by, it seems it would be too difficult for us to reach our dream. Let's make it simple. While we are in high school or college, we dream about becoming a doctor, engineer, pilot, business tycoon and many more. After graduation, everyone falls in a trap-like mindset filled with limitations, doubts and impossibilities and we tend to drop off our preconceived life goal. What happen? We use our skills and ability to strive hard. The moment we fail, we lose courage and determination and we choose a dream that is easy to reach then pitch our tent there.

We don't have because we ask not. We think small because our mind wasn't trained to think big. This is what I keep on saying to myself and would like to inspire others too. Are we really enjoying our life having little? I don't think so. Why do people play in game shows if they are happy with what they have? Why do some aspire to win the mega-lotto draw? Let's make it simpler, why do kinds study in school? Parents, why do we send our children to prestigious schools? Because, everybody wants a good and satisfied life and family!

This is what the Lord tells us about asking.

7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.
9 “Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone? 10 Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? 11 If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! - Matthew 7:7- 10

If we haven't asked God for giving us great things, try it now.


18 October 2011

Becoming A Knockout Presentor

I was given a 1-minute impromptu speech last week at the Knockout Presentation Skills Workshop. Everyone would pick a topic from the wood case and had more than a minute to think of the speech outline. I got a topic that should be asked to Miss Universe Pageant candidates.

"Something that I have done before that I will never do again."

I really had a difficulty digging for the right content of my speech. After the signal to begin, I was too confident to start talking without concrete outline in mind. Once the clock begins, I own the stage and I am expected to perform. Everybody looks at me and listens. The more I become conscious of my speech, the more I lost myself from what I want to share. Now I understand how Miss Universe Pageant finalists feel when it's time for Q & A. I was lost in the conclusion and didn't beat the 60-second clock. That's fun. It almost happened to everyone.

After that speech, our facilitator Mr. Anthony Pangilinan gave me his observations. Those are treasured compliments and a precious tip from a presentation guru for my improvement. I admire him for being so transparent. He motivates with passion. He is really a coach, not an academic teacher. He inspired us and made us feel good about ourselves though we were messing up. This learning experience with him as the program facilitator is like a rock to step on. It motivated me. I agree with his encouragement to us, "You'll leave this room as a better speaker." Yes, it takes a lot of practice, time and effort to be like him but the disciplines and principles he shared pushed us up one or two level.

My major take-away from this workshop has something to do with my mind. Anthony ignited the small fire within me. He awakened my spirit to overcome fear of being rejected and ruin my speech. He said, "You must win with your mind first then you'll have a knockout presentation." The first member of the audience who must listen to my speech should be myself, almost literally in front of the mirror. I must convince "me" first that the speech I am going to deliver is a knockout, not just a good one. After that, I can apply the 6 Powerful P's of Presentation- Purpose, People, Process, Personal Preparations, Presentation Proper and Power!

My extemporaneous speech was better. I picked up a relative experience and shared it with emotions. It was a Knockout! :)

Let me relate this to our life. Every time we face a challenge, remember that we must win in the mind first. We can't think destruction in time of opportunity. We can't overcome what we think is too powerful. We can't see possibilities in what we think is totally impossible. The battle begins with the mind. So, knockout your negative mind first then engage in the battle and claim your victory over your challenges in life.

04 October 2011

You Are Under Training

A typical military training starts the day with a lot of physical exercises. The cadets rise early at dawn, expecting not a buffet hotel-like breakfast but tons of weights to carry. Their mind is programmed to run more than a mile, do hundreds of push-ups, stand for hours under the scorching sun and so on. Their commander must be obeyed at all times and there's no room for excuses. Everyday, it's the routine.

In reality, everyone of us is like a military cadet. We wake up in the morning just like any ordinary day while life, unbeknownst to us, has already prepared our daily activities- things that will teach us and will make us a better person. If we won't think that life is a lifetime training, we'll find ourselves stuck in the middle.

Like in the military, everyone goes by ranks. Generals follow ranks too by adding stars on their shoulders. Likewise, in the corporate world, there are ranks and the highest could be the President, CEO or Chairman of the Board. Again, if we won't think life is a lifetime training, we'll find ourselves tired of working and we lose hope.

In the family, we also follow ranks. The father is the head of the family and should exercise his full authority with love and care. Everyday, the family deals issues about relationships, money, discipline, values and with so many things. Again, if we won't think life is a lifetime training, we'll find ourselves giving up and and might leave the family behind.

What's the point? Inevitably, we'll encounter disappointments, failure, distraction and frustration. If you'll give up, you will never be raised in ranks. Life is full of surprises- good and bad ones. We must think that life won't be the same as we know everyday. Things will change. We must learn how to adjust to the environment, like a camouflage. Leaders know this principle. We must know when to be like a harmless dove and when to get the lion out of the cage. Let me end this entry with this- "Learning is a lifetime process."

23 September 2011

You'll Always Need a Hand

"No man is an island." This may ring your bell.

Have you met somebody who thinks he knows everything? That helping him would make him feel like an idiot? Who thinks he can learn everything by himself? And, he can do everything alone? It could be others, or it could be us. Sadly, if that's us, we cannot meet "him" until we face the mirror.

Why is it so difficult for us to admit our limitations? It could be because of insecurity, intimidation or we just hate to be ridiculed by someone better than us. As I walk back through where I've been through, as I recall the shameful experiences caused by pretending that I know something, I have realized that life could be easy if I was just true to myself. Thus, I developed the attitude of learning and listening.

It's painful to accept honest truth. It feels humiliating. Instead like a honey that cheers our soul, honest truth is like a bitter vegetable. It's just that it tastes undesirable though it benefits us in the long run.

One of my mentors boldly rebuked me few years ago. This was about my I-am-just-an-ordinary-employee thinking . He woke me up by telling me that I need to grow and think like an executive. He stressed that I need to drop my ranking file-mindset and embrace leadership-mindset because it will affect the way I make decisions. You know, I really sweat a lot upon hearing those piercing truth. I thought I was doing good and I already know everything because I was a supervisor. But then I thought, having a certain title doesn't mean I am already an expert. There are still so much to learn in life and we can't know all things overnight.

I admire people who honestly admit their mistakes and I am happy to be surrounded by them. Those who have built their confidence through pain and struggles are most likely the ones who will encourage us to stand after we fall. They know that we need a hand.

We can't do everything alone. My former professor in Media Management, the late Orly Punzalan, once said that managers do things through other people. True. You'll never be a manager if there's no people under you. And, you wouldn't be an effective leader if you don't manage them or their tasks well. So, live the principle, not the title.

If you really want to learn and grow, master the art of listening first. After all, we are all created as God's workmanship- we are not perfect yet. Let's accept that in this world, we will need a hand- from friends, colleagues, mentors, from those who surround us. And in return, we must be joyful in offering our helping hand to others.

19 September 2011

Leadership at a glance


They figured out what they want though and get other people to do it.

Tried to let people do what they did yesterday but a little faster and a little cheaper.


Leaders find the right people, agreeing where they want to go and getting out of the way.

Leadership is embracing the failure of your people that leads to growth.

Let's learn from Seth Godin.

15 September 2011

Make Your First Million- How Chinkee Tan Hit 6-Zeros in Direct Selling

Since college, I have heard of many direct selling businesses and how it helped people achieve their dreams. I have even attended business presentations and was fascinated by the “unlimited opportunities” of making money from it. Since I'm a marketing guy, direct sellers have difficulty in convincing me to join their group even though most of them showed me their “earning checks” up front. I said to myself, “If I will find a team that offers products that I can believe in, which I will use myself, then I will join their business.” Sure enough, this year I joined Excell Global Marketing. (

Making your first million is the hardest, but making your next million is easy. How true? Well, let's learn from the expert- Chinkee Tan. He is currently one of the most sought-after trainers and motivational speakers for various industries and specializing in the industry of direct selling.

How I Made My 1st Million in Direct Selling and How You Can Too!

His newly released book inspired me and woke up my sleeping entrepreneurial spirit. If you haven't considered direct selling as your way to million, grab a copy of this book and learn how the business can help you achieve your dreams. And, if you are already in the business, buy copies for your friends and networks!

In this book, he defined steps on setting an appointment, prospecting, communicating the business and empowering others to build their personal goals. You will be able grasp in just few days of reading what Chinkee Tan has learned through the business for many years! (That's already a great favor for you!) I admire the author for unselfishly sharing his precious insights in this book and he is also honest to tell us helpful tips in identifying the right company to join. For those who don't know how to sell, he clearly explained the 6 steps of selling process:

Step 1. Prospecting
Step 2. Inviting
Step 3. Presenting
Step 4. Closing
Step 5. Follow up
Step 6. Training

The best-selling author shared his wealth of experience in direct selling:

 How he overcame himself from fear of rejection
 How he has developed his confidence in doing presentations
 How he has changed his mindset from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur
 How he has mastered his attitude towards failure
 How he has been faithful to his mission to help others change their lives (until today)

It's already a GUIDE for business starters and a TOOL for seasoned direct sellers!

Keep reading, learning and earning!!!

Chinkee authored 3 best-selling books — “Till Debt Do Us Part” (Six Steps to Financial Freedom) and “For Richer and For Poorer” (or Why The Rich Get Richer and The Poor Get Poorer). His recently released book “Rich God, Poor God” (The Spiritual Side of Money) will tell you “why God wants you to prosper and be successful!”

For bulk orders of How I Made My 1st Million in Direct Selling and How You Can Too! by Chinkee Tan, you may call CSM Publishing at (632) 852-7302 and look for Faye Villanueva.

08 September 2011

I am a Cheer-Leader

You might be thinking of an image of a young female university student wearing a neat and colorful costume and shouting out loud to your game players?

Yes, like this one.

Cheerleaders are there to boost the team's energy and will to win the game. Notice a game without any cheering squad. You are one of the inter-collegiate basketball players. You play at your best but no one claps. You scored but no one rejoiced with you. You missed a goal and no one cheered you up. Can you describe the feeling? Well, that game is meant to be forgotten. It's would be nothing and it loses its value to you. The reason you want to win is because you represent the university. But, somehow, your school failed to send co-students to motivate you. And, much more painful, your opponent has the home court advantage where students are cheering their team while they "booh" you.

Do you know somebody who has just lost his confidence? Is there anyone you can inspire today and build his self-esteem? I believe, real leaders know how to cheer their team even in the most challenging times. After all, leaders are tested by the problems he solve for the team and for others.

Have you been a Cheer-Leader? Were you able to inspire your team when they felt undecided and confused? When they lost their enthusiasm? When troubles of family, work and relationships consumed them? Leaders, your followers need a tap on the shoulder. They need a word of encouragement. They look up to you when they got off track.

Appreciate your people. Give them a round of applause for a work done. Let their fire back. And most importantly, let them understand and feel that you are guiding them. It's not important, though, if they don't meet your standards. Humans are emotional. Once you inspire them, you'll see them following you on the top.

Don't be a dream-killer, be a Cheer Leader.

07 September 2011

OMF Lit Bookshops bring Inspiration, Instruction and Insight this MIBF 2011

It's what BOOK LOVERS are waiting for each year. Books with huge discounts will be available in every corner. The Manila International Book Fair 2011 will be held at SMX Convention Center from September 14 to 18. Again, we're going to see kids, students, teachers, professionals, parents and every book lover rushing to fill their baskets with books- thick and thin, big and small. I couldn't just imagine book lovers flooding to each booth and fighting for a space just to get their desired book!

Here are the things you should do before you go to the book fair:

1. Prepare your budget.
This will help you because when you get there, I can't promise that you'll stop craving for more books. At least, having a budget will limit you and help you buy what you really need.

Get a FREE I READ POSTCARD at any OMF Bookshops in Metro Manila. (Log on to for the list of bookshops. You can also download the postcard from the website.) With this, you are entitled to a 30% discount on selected OMF Lit published titles!

2. Save time.
If you are a working professional, you only have few hours to browse books at every booth. OMF Lit Bookshop, the country’s leading Christian publisher, wants to share good reads for inspiration, instruction and insight to you. Just proceed to Aisle D, shop and enjoy 20% discount.

3. Bring your friends with you.
Book Lovers, share your joy to your friends! I seldom see people go to book fair alone. First, because it's not good to be alone carrying piles of books. Second, the book fair is designed to be enjoyed with a companion. Yearly, I see families spending their weekend at the event while Dad has to pay everything his children throw in their baskets and bags. No one can buy the essence of having someone to share with your joy, even in buying books. Also, drop by at the free events during the fair.

OMF Lit Events and Activities

Storytelling activities for kids on September 14-16
Pinoy Christian Bloggers meet-up on September 15
Live broadcast of The Edge Radio on September 16
Words and Music (mini-concert and book excerpt reading) on September 17
Authors Meet and Greet:
o Joyce Piap Go - September 14
o Francie Castaneda-Lacanilao - September 14
o Grace Chong - September 14
o Hiram Pangilinan - September 16
o Gicky Soriano - September 16
o Ronald Molmisa - September 17

Now, you are prepared for the much awaited book fair of the year. Come and enjoy the thrill of the book fair craze!

01 September 2011

Hammer and Nails

The technology has taught us to live life simple. Machines and computers aid our everyday lives. Today, many people tend to rely on apps and other available helpful tools rather than exercising their brains with analysis, numbers and situational problem solving. What's my basis on this?

I have a nice organizer but I put my schedule on my phone.

I have a pencil but I grab the calculator for minimal number problems.

I wanted to have an iPad so I can load it with eBooks rather bring thick (and heavy) published books.

I have a dictionary but I ask Google for word definitions.

I can buy a journal but I choose to write my thoughts in this blog.

You too can have a list like this. Yours could be a little longer than this. What I want you to share you is we are all tempted to lose a sense of responsibility to learn more. If we are not careful to exercise our mind in solving problems, we won't be able to apply those problem-solving principles in real life. There's no computer system ever created that is designed to provide solutions to your relationship problems. Systems can definitely provide data but it can't give you sound advice for your career problem. Life's principles can be learned from seeking a professional advice or a friendly advice or reading an inspirational book.

Always remember, the technology is there as a TOOL. Like a hammer and a nail, we should use the technology as your tool and choose what kind of nail you are going to use. Don't just depend on the technology but USE it at your advantage.

Write your thoughts in a blog. Maximize social networking to uplift yourself and encourage others as well. Take time to read reviews and learn your craft from YouTube. Download helpful presentations from SlideShare. Follow prominent people in Twitter and adopt their successful thinking.

By the way, modernization keeps on advancing. It only means that you should upgrade yourself once in a while too because it will not wait for you.


23 August 2011

What's In Your Hand?

It's not bad to have a little. At least you have something to cultivate. Just like a little amount of happiness. You can have its fullness when you share it with others. Sad if you have none.

When we speak about talents, I believe everyone has his own unique share. No one is born without any talent. But, many failed to discover what their talents are.

Now, let me throw you the question:


You have an ounce of mathematical skills? Practice and develop it.
You have an innate passion for music? Take up a music course.
You have a good memory? Sharpen it more.

The ball is in our hands. Either we dribble it too long or shoot for the goal. Either we play by team or fight alone. No matter what happen to your life, you are responsible to it because you made the tough decisions.

Blackberry inventor Mike Lazardis bagged a prize from a local public library in Windsor, Canada at the age of 12 just because he read every single science book on the shelves. He learned his craft well.

What you have today are the big keys to your success. It may appear senseless at the beginning because you can be focused in its simplicity. Like teaching pre-school. To some, it might be a profession they wouldn't like but for the passionate educators, they know that future presidents of companies, politicians, inventors and bankers will come from their class. Give your talents away, show it, so it will fly high. Perform well as you climb the mountain of triumph.

11 August 2011

Empowered to Connect

Yesterday, my idea of connection was disturbed and I figured out I was not really connected to myself. I used to think I need to connect with people and I forget about knowing myself. I shouldn't be somebody else.

The reason excellent communicators are effective is because they are true to themselves. They know what their strengths and weaknesses are. They walk what they talk.

I attended "The Power of Connection" seminar conducted by one of the best communicator I know, Mr. Anthony Pangilinan. This is the first time I listened to him almost half of the day and I enjoyed it. He presented principles on the value of connected and what happens when we get disconnected. As a hungry-for-more-motivation marketing professional, I chopped some insights I caught from his talk that benefited me a lot.

Aside from the 3 major principles of connection that Anthony shared, these insights are my major take-aways from the seminar.

The Mafia Offer Principle

- Know the core need of the other party
- make an offer based on your core competence
And your offer will never be refused!

More often than not, we are disconnected. We talk more than listen. We listen and never talk. In our daily communication, I could say the rate of assumption in greater than the rate of accuracy. We thought we've understood but didn't. We thought we said it right but didn't.

Connection is a life-long process.

I admire the speaker for his transparency. Though he delivered his talk perfectly, what raised his credibility was his humble attitude to admit he that he also fails. Simply, he learned his topic first then he shared the learning to us unselfishly. Connecting with people is a day-to-day basis and lasts till lifetime.


M Find a Mentor
A Look for an Apprentice
X EXercise it
I Invest in it
T Testify

Learning is a continuous process. This principle says:
- We need mentors to guide us.
- We must share learning with a friend or colleague.
- We must live what we learn.
- We should invest to learn more.
- We should share it.

Thank you for reminding me these, Anthony. Till next connection.

05 August 2011

End Right

What's in the past that people are scared to face the future?


On the other hand, those who LEARNED from their past are ready to face the future. No matter how difficult your life were, still the balls are in your hand. Don't make up for the past but rather focus defining your future.

I'm privileged to learn from mentors who have gone through difficulties during their early professional bouts and I witness how they reap their pleasant harvest today.

- Who would ever know that this excellent public speaker and corporate executive's first job was to distribute promo flyers on the street?

- At his early age, this man sold tons of nails at his family's construction business. Now, brands hire him to design their blockbuster marketing campaigns.

- He worked for a worldwide TV network catering to kids and teens. He produced a television program about cars. He is a business consultant and marketing expert. With these achievements, he forgot to finish his college degree.

- His first assignment in a car wash business was not a white-collar job. He was the humble cleaner of customers' cars. When he set up his own language school, he cleaned, repaired and painted the room by himself. Today, he has influenced thousands to become a better speaker and uplift their confidence.

I landed my first job with an awe. I conducted inventory of our precious books in major bookstores in the metro. I dusted off book covers and aligned them on the shelves. Then, an opportunity came for me to be division supervisor handling direct sales. With this, no wonder why I am so passionate about reading good books and this blog is the product of the principles I learned through reading.

Admittedly, it came to my mind that I only wasted the years I spent doing that job. Countless times. Yet, the truth is- that experience always keep me on my knees. My character was built and firmed. That's priceless.

Don't be ashamed of your humble beginnings. It's your stepping stone and your springboard to success.

02 August 2011

Who Wants To Be A CEO?

"The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the highest ranking executive manager in a corporation or organization. The CEO has responsibility for the overall success of an entire organization." (

The CEO bears the "good company image" when things are well, but "suffers the shame" when all things are ruined. As Dr. John Maxwell says, "Everything rises and falls on leadership."

One time, I ask a friend if he wants to be a manager. Surprisingly, I received an answer that was a counter-flow to my personal goal. He said, "No, I like what I am doing. Besides, everything will be dumped on me if I will be the manager." What he thinks, so is he.

Have you encountered person like this? This kind of person fears responsibility and growth. And, to be successful, difficulties and facing tough decisions are best teachers. What kind of decision have you faced lately? What have you learned from it? How were you able to come up with a perfect answer to the problem?

If you are eyeing the seat of a CEO, be willing to solve tough problems and exercise your analytical thinking. Push your brain to work. Also, learn from the veterans- the leaders in your field. Find a way to have a time with them and learn. Throw them your questions and adopt their problem solving strategies. This is what I am actively doing now.

Too many people are satisfied with just small things. They forget what books, trainings and Google are for. On the other hand (and worse), some pretend they know everything. That's dangerous. Wrong decisions will cost you a lot. Much more, the lives of your people will be totally affected.

Well, you can stay at the ranking file all of your life. But always remember, we are all given a choice to improve our craft and climb the ladder of success. It's up to us whether we want to be lazy or we want to be on the top.

I want to be a CEO. How about you?

26 July 2011

Leadership Value

Only the people around you can say how you have influenced them. They have the right to tell others what kind of value you have deposited in them, not anyone else.

Let's talk about leadership value.

When 5 or more people spread your mess in the room, there must be something wrong with you. The first person you should ask about your leadership is yourself. Some may think it's crazy but only those who lead with integrity do this. Then, with humility, ask the person whom you can trust about your performance as a leader.

Leaders must learn to listen more, act more and talk less. Your staffs are human, not robot. Their 5 senses are active. So, treat them as you want to be treated. When they feel that you value them, you will earn their respect. That's what (your) money can't buy.

Lead others as you lead yourself. But, don't forget to put quality to your followers. You are responsible for their growth. Before you blame them for their mistakes, evaluate first if you have led them correctly.

Better question our leadership if we don't see our flock flying high. 2 things: We might be losing our focus and we are going to fail as a leader.

Fix things up. Give value to your followers and let them grow in quality and quantity. Leaders, don't promise to make your followers happy. Just make them excited about their growth.

Like Jesus, the all time great leader and King. When heaven was waiting for Him, he left His disciples something they should be excited about, not the suffering they should endure...

"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." (Acts 1:8 NIV)

The value Jesus poured on His disciples exceeded at all aspects of life- spiritual, emotional and physical. Until death, His true followers were faithful.

15 July 2011

A Leader, A Juggler

I couldn't rid of the life principle I caught at the last seminar I attended. It's about the juggler.

He is the one who keeps two or more objects in the air at one time by alternately tossing and catching them. ( can see them in circus or entertainment show. They are highly skillful. But, before they mastered the tricks, I am pretty sure they spent hours and days and weeks and months practicing.

What does it relate with our life?

You and I have the same 24 hours a day. No one is given much more and no one is given less. The only difference is what we do with the 24 hours a day we have. The balls represent our priorities or responsibilities in life. When we were younger, we juggle not more than 2 balls. Let's say, education and family. The more we get older, the more balls are given. You'll have your relationships, work, life goal, hobbies, needs, economic status and so on.

Now, little by little, we learn how to juggle the balls in our hand. With excellent eye contact on the balls and nice footworks, we can perfectly juggle 2 or 3 balls. But, as life gets complicated, and as life gives us more balls to juggle, we might missed a ball or two and stop juggling.

You just dropped a ball. What would you do? How would you feel? I have 3 things to tell you:

1. Pick it up and juggle again.
2. More practice. Learn the skill. Master the balance.
3. If you dropped a ball again, then go back to number 1.

Don't dare to stop. It happens to everyone. Everyone commits mistakes no matter how good they are.

Too many of us watch others juggle and wait till they drop a ball. Only true leaders will care when someone failed in juggling the balls. He will help him perform better.

06 July 2011

WOW Culture of Customer Service

I was so privileged to meet Mr. Merril Yu, my new mentor in customer service. He's so warm and approachable. Armed with more than 20 years of experience in luxury hotels around the globe, he threw us precious insights and true-to-life examples about excellent customer service yesterday in the seminar "Putting the WOW in your Customer Service". That's indeed a WOW to me.

Here are my take away from the talk:

1. He had brilliant mentors.

Imagine being surrounded by not-so-crazy guys. Discipline and Details are essential to win the customer service game. These guys were keen, observant, problem solvers and pro-employee. I suppose his mentors played a major role in his life because Merril still carries their principles and disciplines until today. Having a mentor in your professional life will take you 5 steps ahead of those who learn by their own. Leaders who commit their time to groom their subordinates are not insecure. Their goal is to raise new breed of high performers. That's what I see in Merril. Every insight in his subject matter is a precious gem to me.

2. The 3 A' of Jim.

Merril's mentor is Stan. And, Stan's mentor is Jim. Now, let's define Jim's 3 A's:

- Arrival
Be excellent on the first engagement with the customer. From the greeting, telephone,hand shake, carrying the luggage, color of the curtain...etc. WOW them in everything. Give them the unexpected.
- Activities
Be aggressive and consistent with your excellence in marketing, PR, room service, dining service, etc. This is what you do while you engage with the customer and they will expect you to be as good as you promise.
- Aloha
And, don't forget to WOW them even after the sale. Let them feel you care for them in an extraordinary way. Let them know you that are prepared for their comeback.

3. He treated his subordinates as future leaders.

This is so important to me. You know, Merril carefully watched the people he worked with through the years, specially those who directly reported to him. He showed us tons of photos of those who rose from the bottom and made it on top. What a mentor! Until now, he is still in the business of building people.
While on the way back home, I was still processing all the information and experience he shared. Truly, he lived his discipline and his recognitions will speak for that. Someday, I want to be like him, helping and building other people up.

One example that I won't forget. He asked us to distinguish the black shoe polish from the brown polish. We thought of having 2 containers to separate them and mark it. Behold, he just dimmed some lights and asked us if we can identify the color of the floor.

Now, I got his thinking process. WE REALLY HAVE TO PLACE OUR FOOT ON THE CUSTOMER'S SHOES TO BE ABLE TO GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT AND NEED WITH EXCELLENT SERVICE. Or else, we'll be like someone who works in a dim light.

Let me end this post with Jim's saying...

01 July 2011

Dreams Shouldn't Die

YOU are the author of your dreams.

No other else.

So, if you have a dream, PUBLISH IT. I came from a publishing company and let me give you a piece of what I know about the industry.

Imagine, you are a writer. You want to write a book. You choose the topic or subject matter. You choose the editors. You choose the printer. You pick comments from respected people. You choose who to design the cover. You choose the best design. You decide the quantity of books to print. You raised the fund for printing. You choose the retailer...So on. Now, notice. Everything must pass on you. Simply, because you are the author. You are responsible for your book to be published. don't have a hold on people's lives and you can't force the public readers to make it a bestseller title.

YOU are the author of your dreams. But only GOD can take you there. Because, I have never met anyone whose dream is too small. Dreams are literally BIG.

Dreams seem impossible. It will take the hand of God for you to have it. You dream about traveling in a cruise. You dream to become a business tycoon. You dream to play in the NBA. So much of elusive dreams.

As an author, your job is to publish it. Let everyone know about it. Work on your skills. Then, let God make your DREAM BOOK a bestseller. In its perfect time, your dreams will happen.

And, don't ever close your DREAM BOOK. Dreams shouldn't die. If you really believe, God will make it possible, in HIS perfect timing.

22 June 2011

Expand Your Network

I spent almost 7 years of my professional life in relationship building. When I say relationship building, it means the expansion of the number of my friends, colleagues and clients. This is very important in a marketing practitioner, as well as entrepreneurs.

When I upgraded my mobile phone, I had a trouble in transferring my contacts from my previous mobile phone unit due to some technical differences. I have realized that I already had more than 200 contacts stored in my phone!

Now, what's the value of networking with other people? How is it important to your life, whether you are a marketing professional or not? Very simple. I have observed that more opportunities come to those who have a huge network of friends. There will be times that you'd need others for your project. Sometimes, you'll need a helping hand or a friendly advice. I'm sure, if you are thinking of buying a property or car or a computer, you'll ask your friends first.

I like to share some tips how to expand your network of friends.

1. Add friends in Facebook and other social media networks.
You don't have to add everybody in your Facebook account but at least add new friend once you have identified the person you'd like to add or asking you to add them. This will help you grow your network that you can influence to, whether you are an entrepreneur, doctor, engineer, sales clerk or a homebody. You can't limit the opportunities once you unlock yourself in these social networks.

2. Have a personal calling card.
Invest in personal calling card and establish yourself in it. It's good to have a calling card issued by your company but you can really express yourself in a self-published card. It works for you as a person, not as an employee. I printed my personal card without contact numbers but has my two (2) email addy and two (2) personal blog sites. Why? I wanted to promote my blogs and I believe email address is more permanent than contact numbers.

3. Attend events and social gatherings.

What I am excited about attending seminars and similar events is that I learn and meet new friends at the same time. While in the event, grab the opportunity to meet people and build rapport with them. Be prepared with your contact cards and ask calling cards too.

4. Link your friends.
You'll be surprised to know you and your friend have much common friends. And, it's more fulfilling if you have linked your friend to another. When I was in an event company, I linked them with a friend who builds up the image of a non-profit organization and established a good cause for my affiliated company. It's already an achievement for me. When someone is in need, feel free to recommend or refer your friends. Your friends will be happy if you referred them to others.

5. Volunteer and help others.
Lastly, volunteer yourself for a good cause. I call this "planting seeds of greatness." When you use your time, skill, talents and resources to something purposeful, you'll be astonished with the rewards. I volunteered myself in hosting wedding receptions. That's the least that I can do to help my friends in their memorable event. In my company, I volunteered to be the host of the corporate events. Doing that, I developed my skills and expanded my network.

Why Facebook and other social media sites became phenomenal? They know the power of connection. People will work with people, not just with a machine. Build up your network and enjoy the benefits. Take time to learn new things through other people and reap your harvest of greatness.

01 June 2011

Paying the Price

Everyone wants a better job. Everyone dreams a better place to live at. Everyone wants to buy the top of the line products. But, not everyone is willing to pay the price.

We are living in a world where people want more with doing less. It's a mindset shift. Change must start from within.

The reason why airplane ride is much more expensive than to travel by land and sea is because you are more convenient in the aircraft and faster to reach your destination. Of course, this will entail a little investment and scratch on your pocket.

It's simple but not everyone understands. If you want to shift from your old car to the best car in town, pay the price. Don't expect big harvest from the little seeds you sowed. As the saying goes, "You get what you paid for."

Doctors didn't spend more than 5 years in studies for nothing. Yet, you'll pay them for their 5 minutes of examination. They reap their previous hardwork.

Start your boost today. Be willing to pay the price for the greater heights. Invest in yourself more often. I tell you, there will be less of the 10% of the people you know who will invest their lives to train and equip you. You are responsible for your own growth. No one else.

20 May 2011

Best Foot Forward

Ever wonder what foot to step forward- right or left? My next question is which is better? Your best foot forward is either of the two. Figuratively, this entry will talk about what to do when you face an opportunity.

Take a personal inventory. At your age, have you identified the field you want to work with? Well, we must. Or else, we won't go anywhere.

During an opportune time, you've got to step your best foot forward because you'll never know if it will happen again. The first appearance in the job interview is crucial. Mess it and you'll never get to see the Top Executive. Same as the drag racer. He should know that even an inch of advantage against his opponents is his victory. In American Idol, a contestant should showcase perfect performance once on stage to pass the judges' taste 'cause J Lo or Steven Tyler might kick him out.

It is our responsibility to equip ourselves with skills that we need in our profession. Students need to master their lectures before taking the examinations. By the time the great opportunity comes and we are not prepared and we mess it up, the breakthrough will find its way to your colleagues.

Think again. What opportunity are you expecting? Prepare for it. Same thing as the chief pilot does. As a rule of aviation, he needs enough preparation for a perfect take off. After some important procedures, he is ready.

Having your best foot forward, take off and fly.

11 May 2011

Do What You Want

As I flipped the pages of the book TURBO COACH by Bryan Tracy, I arrived at a page where this priceless and timeless principle of Thomas Edison was printed.

How many of us will count himself as "the successful person"? Can you recall anything you did that other people didn't bother to do? What are they? How did it able to help you on your goal?

Success may cause you to sweat a lot under the scorching heat of the sun. It may revive the butterflies in your stomach. Of course, it will require you certain special skill, knowledge, professional expertise and practice and charisma.

Success doesn't come to those who are just waiting. The risk-takers have the high percentage to reach greater heights. Seldom, if not none, of the "waiters" and "by-chancers" meet their goals in life. (In case they have any goal.)

Thomas Edison creatively invented tools we enjoy today- including your light bulb. He had 1,093 patented inventions. And, just imagine the determination he had in pursuing those mighty inventions. If I can give this a little math against the number of the people who contradicted his mind, say there were around 10-20 people for each brilliant idea. They maybe his friends, relatives, neighbors and downtown residents.

Now, take your hanky and prepare to wipe your sweat off your forehead. There might be around 10,930 to 21,860 people (regardless of the number of times each person dished-out his criticisms to Edison) who didn't "like" what Thomas Edison was doing.

If you have in mind any brilliant idea, be it's creator. Do what you want.

29 April 2011

Healthy Mind

My recent travel in the beautiful island of Bohol (Philippines) helped me to understand a significant comparison among two kinds of people. One that carries an electronic gadget and the other reads a novel.

I am not against those who play games on PSPs and IPods. They are cool and I think much more exciting. But let me ask you dear readers, can you weigh the amount of time you play games rather read a book that enhances your creative imagination? In which do you spend time most?

Take a look at these guys I met in the resort where we stayed. And I saw many of the same nationality carry thick books while on travel. I just admire their habit of reading.

How reading uplifts your personal growth:

Reading makes you think well without any aid of visuals.

Reading creates pictures in your head.

Reading ups your analytical thinking.

Reading boosts your thought process.

Reading instill a character in you.

These are the reasons why you'll find books I recommend and currently reading in this blog. I am bookish. Whether I can read it or not for a time in travel, books are my instant companion. If I can't afford to enroll in a seminar, I just invest in good books and write ups in the internet, and downloadable Ebooks as well.

Now, the moment you finish your game in the gadget, think how it would affect your long term goal. For some good reasons, kill time. Play games. Laugh and be merry. But, don't ever ignore that you need to put a value on your self and give value to others.

26 April 2011

Achievers and Settlers

As a child, the only way to learn is through careful observation. Little boys watch their dads drive the car. Young girls catch their moms cooking a delicious meal. I believe, we need the same principle as we grow professionally, and as an individual.

No matter how many years we have been living in this earth, we still need to listen and learn from others. Great book authors read different books as many as they can in a month. This type of people are what I call ACHIEVERS. Only the achievers will worry about not having any movement at all. You can't hide them inside a box. They will find a way to be creative. Their veins will rise and perform to its excellence. Achievers take time to listen and learn from experts.

SETTLERS just stay where they are. No push. No movement, not even an inch. Give them two tasks and they will complain. Things should be easy or else they will mess up. There's no place like their home- where everything is less. Imagine if they will join the bunch of achievers- the achievers fly high while the poor settler crawl too slow. Take it easy, he says to himself.

What separates the Achievers from the Settlers is the PURPOSE. To further illustrate this, I'll put it this way...

The ACHIEVERS created the bag of chips and television that the SETTLERS munch and watch TV shows all day.

Think of it. Are you an achiever or a settler?

Pitch your tent where good people are. Mingle with them. Learn from them. Jot down notes if possible. Be interested with helpful reads. Watch free training videos on You Tube. Invest on seminars and workshops. Filling your pail with white sands will enable you to build an awesome sand castle. Same thing with life, your purpose will determine whether you are an achiever or just a settler.

15 April 2011

10 Free Things to Enjoy!

Pause. Before we complain too much, let's remember that our life is not like a ball of fire. You can enjoy it while you want. Here are some tips I'd like to share to make your day. Let me start it with a quote from famous leadership author and guru Dr. John Maxwell:

Everything you now do is something you have chosen to do. Some people don't want to believe that. But if you're over age twenty-one, your life is what you're making of it. To change your life, you need to change your priorities.

- John C. Maxwell

10 Free Things to Enjoy!

1. Happiness is free so you don't have any excuse in stamping your feet and murmur all the time.

2. This blog is free so you can freely browse it. Much more, like it.

3. Breathe fresh air because it's free. No one will bill you for inhaling tons of it.

4. Laugh all you can before somebody robs it from you.

5. Stare at the sky and be thankful for the stars. That's totally free. You can't pluck them anyway.

6. Kiss your Mom and Dad. Hug them as well. Do it before it becomes too expensive.

7. Walk around the park. Bring your friends with you. Before you know it, you already walked more than a mile. Enjoy the walk.

8. Throw I LOVE YOU's to your love ones and greet them million HELLOs. You can't buy their smile with your few bucks. Just appreciate them and they will love you back.

9. Read your Bible. God made His Word available for everyone. Take advantage of His Free Gift of Life through Jesus.

10. Sing a song. Those traffic officers will not arrest you for being out of tune. (Just don't make this an excuse for irresponsible driving.)

Now, I'm done with my list, how about you? I'm pretty sure you can list many things to be thankful for, not just because they are free, and you have come to realize that life is too short to rush it with complains and negative thoughts.

Taste the freebies of life.

08 April 2011

Be One of the Best!

I'd like to borrow this principle I got from Francis Kong. I heard it many times from his talks but this time, admittedly, it struck me. Here's a bite size of his thoughts.

There are three kinds of people in the world:
1. Those who make things happen.
2. Those who wait for things to happen.
3. Those who say, "Why, what happened?"

I grabbed his latest book "Being the Best You Can Ever Be" this morning on my way to office and found myself chewing and swallowing the truths about boosting my potentials. What in the world are we doing when we keep on complaining? It doesn't change our situation. The only time we can achieve our dream is to step out from where we are.

Which among the 3 kinds of people you are?

Influential people make things happen by taking the risk and embracing change. Nothing is significant if we continue to do the same thing again and again. Discover the skill and learn it so that it can bring you to your dream.

For those who are waiting, I have a question. What are you waiting for?!!! Don't just relax and wait for the diploma and medals to come. Work for it. No one will recognize you unless you have a valuable contribution.

And for those who are wondering what happened? Meet Google! Get up from your lazy bed and don't pitch your tent in the Wondering Zone. There are 6,852,472,823 (and still counting) people in the world today and you have to create a room for yourself. Get noticed by your significant contribution.

Here are my tips for those who would like to make a difference:
- Keep a little notebook and pen and write your ideas.
- Get connected with significant and influential people.
- Spend time in research and reading books.
- Master you craft!
- Invest in helpful tools and gadgets.
- Befriend YouTube and learn from teaching videos.
- Create a blog so others can read it!

Happy journey to a better you!

Being the Best You Can Ever Be is available at leading bookstores in the Philippines. For orders, you may contact CSM Publishing at +632.852.7301 or click this link:

05 April 2011

Waiting Is Over

Waiting is over.

This is one of the nicest words you can hear after long waiting for your roasted chicken meal. Or, you have waited for your airplane at the airport to be home before night. Maybe, waiting for your girl's response to your marriage proposal? Why waiting is too much to bear? What in the world does it exist? Why there are people who are not willing to wait?

Test of patience. In leadership, waiting has a big role. You can't do everything at the same time. While you wait, your patience level increases. You wouldn't notice that you are waiting for the bus for more than 20 minutes if you are packed with ounces of patience. Waiting is your character builder.

It would be easy to go over the counter and forget about the number of people standing in line at your favorite fast food restaurant. You'll be in trouble, let me remind you. Self-control is developed in the course of waiting. You can't just freak out and tell everyone that you are hungry. Though you say sorry, you already lost your control. Learn to control your mind and mouth during waiting.

Value of Time.
Yes, time is precious. You may think you have wasted your time when you haven't. It could be time-killing for the caterpillar to spend much time inside the dark cocoon. You may be in an environment that you don't like but little did you know, the world has taught you how to value people, rather give value only to yourself. The time you've spent waiting is not by accident. It has a divine purpose.

When someone says "waiting is over", it does mean "breakfast is to be served". At the end of the rainbow, there is a pot of gold. At the end of waiting, we'll realize, the waiting is worth. Just when you are expecting to have a baby. Just when you have spent many years and got promoted to CEO.

Now, waiting is over.

28 March 2011

The Bigger Room

We can easily fill the small room with our stuffs. We can easily settle there and be satisfied with what we see. Opening the window is an option so you could what's outside. Yet, it doesn't change the fact that you are still inside that small room. You can't buy more because there will be no enough space.

Let me talk straight. What are we living for? Why are we satisfied with just living in the small room? Aren't we curious of those living in the huge room? Our days are numbered by God. If for nothing we were brought here on earth, then we are part of those "anything that occupies space". Just you and me. Nothing special. Nothing significant.

As Brian Tracy shares,"There are no extra human beings; you are here to do something special with your life." What's something special in settling for less? If we are doing the same things day after day then we need to check if we are growing as a person and in our profession. Surprisingly, until today, a lot of people are scared to move their cheese. As I was inspired by the stories of successful people, I learned what makes all of them similar is their belief in stretching their potentials, even undiscovered potentials.

Until we look farther, we won't get anywhere. Until we open our eyes, we won't be able to see the good future prepared for us by God. Book at the bigger room and enjoy life and its abundance.

22 March 2011

Pen It Down!

Write your goals and stick to it. Unless something reminds you to be back on track, you are more likely to be swept away, off the road.

Ever met a person without a concrete plan in life? Observe his lifestyle. Time passes and he's not even aware that opportunities knocked his door. There's a traffic light so we know when to gear up or full stop. There's an owner's manual so we can take the best out of the product we just bought.

Oh, I remember a delightful experience. During the first week of my married life, we bought a nice wooden closet. It was too easy to assemble, I supposed. So I asked the seller if there's an instruction manual inside so I could fix it myself and without any hesitation, he said yes. Great! I was too excited to build it up so we brought it home and got ready for the (mis)adventure. When I opened the box and laid all the parts on the floor, there was no instruction manual! Here, with the nails, screws, body parts and everything, totally didn't have any idea where to start. Then, I've found a very helpful prints on the box that show 15% of its finishing looks! I tell you, it took me 2 hours to fix it. This was learning and sweating, quite awesome experience.

When you don't have a project plan, don't expect your project will be launched soon. The world doesn't work that way. We may have an idea of the outcome, but unless we plot the steps on the sketch pad, we wouldn't know where to start.

Write your goals, before others write yours. Pray that you'll be able to accomplish your tasks and move to the next level. Create a blog. Grab a journal. Buy calendars. Read books. Attend seminars. Listen to podcasts. Be inspired! You are halfway to your dreams.

18 March 2011

Are You A Depositor?

Great leaders are masters of this. They know how to invest. Setting the stock market and business aside, true leaders know when and where to invest and how to deposit greatness to their successor.

The virtue is TRUST. I once told one of my mentors that it could have been so easy to be a high paying executive because all you need is to approve and sign documents or works. He said, "You think it's easy? Well, it's not because you need to shell out huge amount of trust to the person who submitted the work." Well said.

See? In just few moments of discussion, he was able to deposit an important principle to me. That's what depositors do. They invest their acquired knowledge and experience to their followers. Only confident leaders do this.

The next question choked me. He asked, "Have you met significant people lately? Who are they?" He believes that I need others to build me up. I need to connect with people so I could learn and I can tap connections within my networks. No wonder he's a seasoned "connector".

If you are a depositor, make sure you are casting good investments. And to the receiver, nurture the seed, make it grow. Begin with good relationships.

14 March 2011

New Things

A bold question: What's new to you?

Well, new things make us excited. New shoes. New watch. New dress. New mobile phone. New car. New place to go. Even, new friends. New born baby is a source of joy for the parents.

Wonder what makes life boring? There's nothing new. No reason to get up from your lazy bed and catch the time to be in the office. Imagine if all you have for many years are the things you have now:

Same shoes. Same clothes. Same food to eat. Same phone. Same place.

You'll find yourself stuck in the same mindset and belief.

Turn on the TV. Imagine you are going to watch that TV show all day. Then, tomorrow it will be the same TV show, same episode, same sitcom, same...same..same... What do you think will happen to you?

Give yourself a little favor. Create. Discover new things. Play new video games. Explore.

Those who love books will agree with me. When I buy a book, I get excited as if it's the best book I've ever had. That's why, I keep on buying books. I'm excited on the new things I'll learn from it.

09 March 2011

Raise Your Hand!!!

In my observation, successful people are those who volunteer themselves in a specific task and even it's out of their job descriptions, more often than not. That's what sales and marketing people are good at because they know that consistent exposures lead them to more sales. Connectors and networkers value volunteerism.

Why is it important? Top Executives look at those who could perform well. School teachers give credit to active students. Parents appreciate the helping child rather than the complainer. Each work done voluntarily has a value and I think it always work for our advantage. Just make sure it's out of passion, not for compensation. (Money will just follow those who have a good heart.)

Volunteers are endangered, like the wildlife. They are rare. You can only find few, if not a handful, in any existing organization. That's why I believe not everyone is a leader. Only few are willing to sacrifice their own comfort for the sake of a purpose. Some are settled already and change is not welcome anymore. The word "improvement" is not in their vocabulary.

If you are a leader, observe your people. The one who has the most number of volunteer works and doesn't complain got the "big picture". He values personal and organizational growth. Let him fly.

03 March 2011

The Great Life Issue

The broken mirror has an issue. Anybody can't just cover the cracks with packaging tape nor try to fix it with glue. Same with trust. When you lose it, it's so difficult to bring it back.

American journalist Barbara Walters has a reputable credibility in her field. She was the highest-paid news personality on television. Anyone can just approach her and talk to her about anything. A quote from the book Winning With People says,"People trust Walters, so they talk to her." This stopped me from reading and began to ponder.

Have you ever thought why people talk to you? They trust you. Turn the table, when they don't talk to you, chances are, the trust gauge might have reached the level zero. When friends talk to you about their life, drop by your office to let you know their recent engagements, what keeps them busy, what bothers means they trust you.

For me that's an issue. A great issue. We make friends everyday but how many of them talk to you like a brother or sister? How many of them do you think trust you with their secrets? I know how it feels when a friend drew away from me. Completely ceased conversations. It was a lesson of trust and it wasn't easy. Trust, in any relationship, is important.

I still owe eternal gratefulness to those who trusted me for who I am, I was and would be. Thank the people who have trusted you, family ,friends and colleagues. Their trust is enough for us to be inspired everyday.