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28 February 2011

Starting Today

The more we think of yesterday, the more chances we are losing a great eye towards the future. I heard somebody said, “Keep an eye on the doughnut, not on the hole.” The way we see things has an implications to our future.

Attitude is contagious. If you'll buy the negative attitude of your neighbors, then don't blame them for your disappointments in life. Inevitably, you'll hear whispers of discouragement, discontentment and failure. When you start embracing those suggestions, you'll find yourself having the same language. Pitch your tent in a healthy place so you can adopt the success-mindset and victory-language.

Make your life productive rather protective. I mean, we ought to protect ourselves from failure. We guard ourselves from hurt to the point that we don't want to try again and be humiliated. Well, with much exaggeration, if 99% of the people around you are negative and 1% are the achievers then spend more time with the 1%. It doesn't matter if they are majority. The few are peculiar and makes a difference. Life is too short to focus at the doughnut's hole.

Today is a significant day to remember. Today, you are reading this blog entry and starts to think the good around you. You can be happy, successful and satisfied starting today. Happy day!

22 February 2011


The very first person that we need to deal with is ourselves. Some of us don't know this. Some can't accept this. Some are happy to ignore this. We are bombarded with leadership principles, perhaps so much of it. The more we know, the more we want to rule and exercise our leadership skills. Little did we know, the person inside of us has consumed us.

I was part of theater productions. I was in the lead role at the same time scriptwriter of a segment. The real work is not in front of the audience, but behind that curtain, at the backstage. What people got to see are the results of intensive preparations. The team behind the camera orchestrated everything so that performers can concentrate on their acts. Same as I did a lead role in a music tv project. All I need to do was act while the directors, writers, cameramen, production designer and assistants were busy with all of the stuffs.

The real world is inside of us, not what people see with their naked eye, just like in a theater and TV productions. If we didn't see the problem inside, somebody has to suffer. It could be us, or the person around us. Think if the script is a junk, the director changes mood every hour, the assistants are uncooperative and wanted to be home, packs up and leave the set. Even if you have the best actors in the world, that project won't make it to the movie houses.

Same with us. The moment we have identified our own personal issues, we'd be free from throwing trashes to other people, inevitably, to the inner circle of our life. The Scripture says, "you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." Be true to yourself. Don't deny your mess. Clean it up. First the inside, then outside. Then, enjoy your life and make others happy.

Happy living!

18 February 2011

Empowering Others

I've been writing about how we are able to inspire ourselves in spite of difficulties in life. That's good. Just early this morning, I have realized one thing I must have been missing to write. For you, my friend, who have read my entries since October 2010, now is the time build other people.

I wouldn't be here writing if not for the people who trusted me, who believed that I can make a difference and inspired me to raise my standards professionally. I have a handful of very busy people who takes time to meet me and help me grow. Why don't you take sometime to let your friends know how much you value them? Just like these successful men who became my life mentors. They already know who they are.

Cheer others up. Let them feel that you value them. Treat them for a snack. Listen to their stories. Hug them amidst pain. Tell them that you trust them and you believe they are going to achieve their dreams. Inspire them with a good book. Teach them what you know and encourage them that they can make even better.

I read in a book about this story. A young lady got to see the two most powerful leaders at that time. When asked how did she feel, she answered,"I felt this man was the cleverest man I've ever talked to while the other let me feel that I was the cleverest woman in the world."

Which one would you life to become? We are not alone on earth. Somebody out there needs you to tap their shoulders.

15 February 2011

Dress Up Inside Out

You are dressed up outside. Good-looking. So nice and neat. You look fresh. That is so important. The only thing that you need to remember when you land on a dream job or a big time project is to perform well.

You can speak fluently. You can recite the periodic table of elements. You are famous and makes money in an hour. Be responsible to yourself and guard your attitude because it may stink.

As we can see, the inner and outer self need constant check up, as what we do with our car. Both should be at its best condition. Otherwise, the weaker one will consume the other.

Dress up, fully, inside and out. People may judge us based on outward appearance and may neglect us without any hesitation. It happens to many, that includes me. Aspire to be trained by somebody you believe can boost your potentials. Seek trainings and get involved with personality development programs. Check the trends on business attire and choose colors that are appropriate for your skin tone. We may be born in a not well-off family but by being responsible with our words, actions and thoughts, we can meet success.

10 February 2011

Off Cam

There are more than 6 billion people on earth and only a fraction of it know you. Who cares if you miss a thing? Only few would know it compare to the huge number of breathing humans on the planet.

Do ourselves a favor. Instead of feeling guilty and little self-pity, acknowledge what went wrong, admit the mistake and move on. Eat ice cream, watch movie, laugh and be happy. We have to be reminded that cameras won't focus on us all the time!

Moving on, we'll notice a big change in our perspective of failures. They are like stepping stones to success rather than stumbling blocks. In reality, we only got to see the real us during difficult times. Give a man too much work under the scorching sun and you'll know if he will remain a friend or will turn to a villain.

It's good to discover where we are weak at so we can improve it. And, it's better to know our strengths so we can build it.

Have fun in life.

08 February 2011

Significant You

The significance of the person doesn't come from what his bank statements says nor the awards he received. Those are just end results of sacrifice and hard work. What makes a person significant is the quality of heart.

Time will pass. Those who knew us may forget us. The awards and trophies may collect dust overtime. But those we've extended our hand will remember us, for years if not for a lifetime. That proves that helping others are more than our success.

Don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with enormous wealth and numerous awards, in fact I want such achievements and financial stability. Let us just be reminded that there is a higher purpose for having them. We become significant by sharing what we have, not just money. That includes ideas, acquired knowledge and skills, counsel, books we read, encouragement, happiness, food...and whatever you can give.

I am so grateful for the people who patiently worked with and influenced me for this life principle. They have invested their time, money, skills, wisdom and heart to me. Without them, I may not share this with you today. So, won't you find someone to inspire with your life?

01 February 2011

Must Try!

You might have noticed a part of this blog page that's categorized as WHITEBOARD. It's a gist of what I do for fun and living. My “whiteboard” is filled with many things, not necessarily related to each other but creatively and seamlessly woven in my life altogether. I may not know exactly how and why or simply, I am unique and so do you.

I landed on my first job that was too far from my college diploma in mass media. I found myself selling inspirational books. It came a time that I no longer sell books but this time, I sell the “inspirational” part of it . I think the reason why this blog is created, I must have been half-full of what I read and learned from others.

I tried lots of things- basketball, badminton, table tennis, fitness gym...acting, driving, public speaking, selling, marketing, advertising and so much more! The more I try new things, the more my life becomes exciting and fun to live with. Well, I may not so good about all of those but at least I have tried and have discovered what I am happy to do.

People who don't try won't fly. In my honest opinion, they fear the risk and lose opportunities. My advise is, pick those you think you'll be happy to do or have so no matter what happen, you'll end up satisfied and fulfilled. I couldn't drive a car if I think I'm gonna bump somewhere or I'm not gonna get a driver's license at all. Then just imagine those who never touch the newly launched mobile phone unit because of certain fear that it may explode.

This world doesn't require you to be good at everything. Trying is not a criminal offense and you won't be imprisoned for it. (Just don't attempt to steal or break in a grocery store or bank. You gotta bring pillows inside the cell.) So, be yourself, have fun, try new things and be happy. Then, fly!