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27 October 2011

Ask for What You Really Want

In this life, you get what you ask for. You get what you pay for. Sometimes, you get what you don't deserve.

Our recent group meeting discussion sparked the silence within our hearts when I ask my colleagues a question. "If we don't like our situation right now, could it be because we fail to ask God for what we really wanted?"

Ask yourself. Have you really asked for what you want or you just settled with what you have? Most of us started our life with a dream. Then, as years go by, it seems it would be too difficult for us to reach our dream. Let's make it simple. While we are in high school or college, we dream about becoming a doctor, engineer, pilot, business tycoon and many more. After graduation, everyone falls in a trap-like mindset filled with limitations, doubts and impossibilities and we tend to drop off our preconceived life goal. What happen? We use our skills and ability to strive hard. The moment we fail, we lose courage and determination and we choose a dream that is easy to reach then pitch our tent there.

We don't have because we ask not. We think small because our mind wasn't trained to think big. This is what I keep on saying to myself and would like to inspire others too. Are we really enjoying our life having little? I don't think so. Why do people play in game shows if they are happy with what they have? Why do some aspire to win the mega-lotto draw? Let's make it simpler, why do kinds study in school? Parents, why do we send our children to prestigious schools? Because, everybody wants a good and satisfied life and family!

This is what the Lord tells us about asking.

7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. 8 For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.
9 “Which of you, if your son asks for bread, will give him a stone? 10 Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? 11 If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! - Matthew 7:7- 10

If we haven't asked God for giving us great things, try it now.


18 October 2011

Becoming A Knockout Presentor

I was given a 1-minute impromptu speech last week at the Knockout Presentation Skills Workshop. Everyone would pick a topic from the wood case and had more than a minute to think of the speech outline. I got a topic that should be asked to Miss Universe Pageant candidates.

"Something that I have done before that I will never do again."

I really had a difficulty digging for the right content of my speech. After the signal to begin, I was too confident to start talking without concrete outline in mind. Once the clock begins, I own the stage and I am expected to perform. Everybody looks at me and listens. The more I become conscious of my speech, the more I lost myself from what I want to share. Now I understand how Miss Universe Pageant finalists feel when it's time for Q & A. I was lost in the conclusion and didn't beat the 60-second clock. That's fun. It almost happened to everyone.

After that speech, our facilitator Mr. Anthony Pangilinan gave me his observations. Those are treasured compliments and a precious tip from a presentation guru for my improvement. I admire him for being so transparent. He motivates with passion. He is really a coach, not an academic teacher. He inspired us and made us feel good about ourselves though we were messing up. This learning experience with him as the program facilitator is like a rock to step on. It motivated me. I agree with his encouragement to us, "You'll leave this room as a better speaker." Yes, it takes a lot of practice, time and effort to be like him but the disciplines and principles he shared pushed us up one or two level.

My major take-away from this workshop has something to do with my mind. Anthony ignited the small fire within me. He awakened my spirit to overcome fear of being rejected and ruin my speech. He said, "You must win with your mind first then you'll have a knockout presentation." The first member of the audience who must listen to my speech should be myself, almost literally in front of the mirror. I must convince "me" first that the speech I am going to deliver is a knockout, not just a good one. After that, I can apply the 6 Powerful P's of Presentation- Purpose, People, Process, Personal Preparations, Presentation Proper and Power!

My extemporaneous speech was better. I picked up a relative experience and shared it with emotions. It was a Knockout! :)

Let me relate this to our life. Every time we face a challenge, remember that we must win in the mind first. We can't think destruction in time of opportunity. We can't overcome what we think is too powerful. We can't see possibilities in what we think is totally impossible. The battle begins with the mind. So, knockout your negative mind first then engage in the battle and claim your victory over your challenges in life.

04 October 2011

You Are Under Training

A typical military training starts the day with a lot of physical exercises. The cadets rise early at dawn, expecting not a buffet hotel-like breakfast but tons of weights to carry. Their mind is programmed to run more than a mile, do hundreds of push-ups, stand for hours under the scorching sun and so on. Their commander must be obeyed at all times and there's no room for excuses. Everyday, it's the routine.

In reality, everyone of us is like a military cadet. We wake up in the morning just like any ordinary day while life, unbeknownst to us, has already prepared our daily activities- things that will teach us and will make us a better person. If we won't think that life is a lifetime training, we'll find ourselves stuck in the middle.

Like in the military, everyone goes by ranks. Generals follow ranks too by adding stars on their shoulders. Likewise, in the corporate world, there are ranks and the highest could be the President, CEO or Chairman of the Board. Again, if we won't think life is a lifetime training, we'll find ourselves tired of working and we lose hope.

In the family, we also follow ranks. The father is the head of the family and should exercise his full authority with love and care. Everyday, the family deals issues about relationships, money, discipline, values and with so many things. Again, if we won't think life is a lifetime training, we'll find ourselves giving up and and might leave the family behind.

What's the point? Inevitably, we'll encounter disappointments, failure, distraction and frustration. If you'll give up, you will never be raised in ranks. Life is full of surprises- good and bad ones. We must think that life won't be the same as we know everyday. Things will change. We must learn how to adjust to the environment, like a camouflage. Leaders know this principle. We must know when to be like a harmless dove and when to get the lion out of the cage. Let me end this entry with this- "Learning is a lifetime process."