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28 February 2012


My friend who is an HR consultant had a conversation with the Chairman of the Board. He told the chairman that he is a work in progress. The chairman is a fair old man, fulfilled, had influenced many and notable in his wisdom. To my friend's surprise, the Chairman smiled and said, "I'm also a work in progress."

Tell me, how many managers will admit that they are a work in progress? Then, how many of us will swallow our pride and profess that we are a work in progress?

This world has taught us to be tough. Our leadership might have been walking up to our head. We forget that the moment we reprimand a staff, we are dealing with a person, not an animal nor an idiot.

When was the last time we spend time with our colleagues and chat about personal matters? Is the world we are living still connected?

We are all a work in progress. Everyone deserves a second chance. Even a third and fourth chance. If you leaders want to be successful, I challenge you to develop a person who would gladly follow your steps. Sometimes, the reason they are not performing well is because we leaders don't have time mentoring. That's the main reason you are sitting in that high chair. Now, if your staff didn't understand you, it's not that he's a fool. This requires you to check yourself. You might be running out of patience.

We are all undone. Always remember that.

Just a note. Companies have cliches in hunting good people to join their team. They are looking for people who can work with less supervision. This is quite good for them. Save time and work more. And of course, outstanding professionals work with less supervision.

I'm just afraid of those companies because they are communicating me that there's no mentor inside- all are managers. Maybe they should just buy machines or acquire a robot with programs installed. The leader is a person, so as the staff.

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