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13 April 2012

Aim Small Victories

The bigger the dream, the longer it takes to have it. We must go through the process.

Small goals are easier to achieve and it makes us happy.

There's nothing wrong with big dreams. It's just that, in order to achieve it, we must undergo the preparation. Sadly, some are not willing to take the risks entailed.

On another perspective, small victories are priceless. We can celebrate small victories. I figured out, if we don't achieve small things, frustration levels up. Disappointment poisons our drive to reach the greater victory. Worst, it damages our character.

Set small goals like:

- finish reading a book by 30 days.
- run a mile every week.
- learn a sport in 2 months.
- take short courses in public speaking.
- learn a musical instrument in 3 months.

Plan a small and a big goal. Why? While we achieve the small goal, we get fired up to reach the bigger goal. If we are filled with the joy of small victories, frustration can't find a hole to creep in.

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