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22 October 2010

It's Time to Share

Giving is totally different from sharing. Let me explain.

Giving is sacrificing the whole pie. It's like you bought a birthday cake and gave it to your friend and sang "Happy Birthday" song. What happens next? He keeps the cake! That's already his!

Sharing is slicing your cake to give a portion to your friend. You eat the half, he eats the other. That's sharing! You are there. You tasted the cake. You just shared it to someone special to you. Got it?

When we talk about sharing, it doesn't mean we have to share what we have in hand. Those that we can't keep in our pocket are so meaningful to share.

TIME. It's so precious that we only choose people we spend time with.
LOVE. So precious that we take time to evaluate if a person is worthy of this.
ENERGY. We only have limited strength so we can only give a portion of it.
LAUGH. Medicine can't buy this. It combines happiness, joy and exuberance altogether.
FORGIVENESS. So hard to give but so liberating to feel.
PATIENCE. Not everyone has maximized it so if you have some more, please share.
FRIENDSHIP. A product of trust, love and sincerity.

Why share and not give? Because, you can't lose them. Our bodies are filled with such that all we can do is just share. Also, when you give them, it's like slicing your own pie and sharing the quarter or the half.

Think of who we can share our life.

It's nice to see people on the top of their happiness. It's more fulfilling if we are the reason they are happy today. So, from the list above, choose what to share.

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