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22 October 2010

The Revolutionizers Club

Some of us have big dreams. Many have bigger dreams. There is a song that has a line that says "to dream the impossible dream." How could dreams come true?

It starts today. It starts when we do the first move. It starts when we act on the dream. I have observed some, dreaming their dreams until their dreams sink them down beneath. I mean, dreams may be big but it all starts in small beginnings.

If you want to be a doctor, then endure the discipline of memorizing body parts and medical terminologies. If you are into sports, practice everyday. If you are in arts, like painting or interior designs, create your portfolio, do your stuffs. Invest in small things. Buy paint brushes, electronic gadgets, math books and chef knives! Don't wait till you are good enough. You'll never get there unless you start here. Watch shows that will contribute to your knowledge. Don't be caught waiting when waiting is already over.

Just like driving, if you wanna be in a place, you can't just tell your car to bring you there. Wow! That's an amazing and so expensive car. You need to heat your engine. Key in and start revolutionizing. Then move!

I take time to browse in the net for articles, presentations, videos and blogs related to my profession. I talk to people who I admire and grasp principles I need to grow professionally. These little things inspire me more to be faithful with my homework.

I have learned that there is no one else in this world who will benefit with the seeds of success we've sown but US. That doesn't make me exempted. I am also an avid learner and an aspiring guru in my chosen field. So, join the club of REVOLUTIONIZERS.

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