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11 May 2011

Do What You Want

As I flipped the pages of the book TURBO COACH by Bryan Tracy, I arrived at a page where this priceless and timeless principle of Thomas Edison was printed.

How many of us will count himself as "the successful person"? Can you recall anything you did that other people didn't bother to do? What are they? How did it able to help you on your goal?

Success may cause you to sweat a lot under the scorching heat of the sun. It may revive the butterflies in your stomach. Of course, it will require you certain special skill, knowledge, professional expertise and practice and charisma.

Success doesn't come to those who are just waiting. The risk-takers have the high percentage to reach greater heights. Seldom, if not none, of the "waiters" and "by-chancers" meet their goals in life. (In case they have any goal.)

Thomas Edison creatively invented tools we enjoy today- including your light bulb. He had 1,093 patented inventions. And, just imagine the determination he had in pursuing those mighty inventions. If I can give this a little math against the number of the people who contradicted his mind, say there were around 10-20 people for each brilliant idea. They maybe his friends, relatives, neighbors and downtown residents.

Now, take your hanky and prepare to wipe your sweat off your forehead. There might be around 10,930 to 21,860 people (regardless of the number of times each person dished-out his criticisms to Edison) who didn't "like" what Thomas Edison was doing.

If you have in mind any brilliant idea, be it's creator. Do what you want.

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