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29 April 2011

Healthy Mind

My recent travel in the beautiful island of Bohol (Philippines) helped me to understand a significant comparison among two kinds of people. One that carries an electronic gadget and the other reads a novel.

I am not against those who play games on PSPs and IPods. They are cool and I think much more exciting. But let me ask you dear readers, can you weigh the amount of time you play games rather read a book that enhances your creative imagination? In which do you spend time most?

Take a look at these guys I met in the resort where we stayed. And I saw many of the same nationality carry thick books while on travel. I just admire their habit of reading.

How reading uplifts your personal growth:

Reading makes you think well without any aid of visuals.

Reading creates pictures in your head.

Reading ups your analytical thinking.

Reading boosts your thought process.

Reading instill a character in you.

These are the reasons why you'll find books I recommend and currently reading in this blog. I am bookish. Whether I can read it or not for a time in travel, books are my instant companion. If I can't afford to enroll in a seminar, I just invest in good books and write ups in the internet, and downloadable Ebooks as well.

Now, the moment you finish your game in the gadget, think how it would affect your long term goal. For some good reasons, kill time. Play games. Laugh and be merry. But, don't ever ignore that you need to put a value on your self and give value to others.

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