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08 September 2011

I am a Cheer-Leader

You might be thinking of an image of a young female university student wearing a neat and colorful costume and shouting out loud to your game players?

Yes, like this one.

Cheerleaders are there to boost the team's energy and will to win the game. Notice a game without any cheering squad. You are one of the inter-collegiate basketball players. You play at your best but no one claps. You scored but no one rejoiced with you. You missed a goal and no one cheered you up. Can you describe the feeling? Well, that game is meant to be forgotten. It's would be nothing and it loses its value to you. The reason you want to win is because you represent the university. But, somehow, your school failed to send co-students to motivate you. And, much more painful, your opponent has the home court advantage where students are cheering their team while they "booh" you.

Do you know somebody who has just lost his confidence? Is there anyone you can inspire today and build his self-esteem? I believe, real leaders know how to cheer their team even in the most challenging times. After all, leaders are tested by the problems he solve for the team and for others.

Have you been a Cheer-Leader? Were you able to inspire your team when they felt undecided and confused? When they lost their enthusiasm? When troubles of family, work and relationships consumed them? Leaders, your followers need a tap on the shoulder. They need a word of encouragement. They look up to you when they got off track.

Appreciate your people. Give them a round of applause for a work done. Let their fire back. And most importantly, let them understand and feel that you are guiding them. It's not important, though, if they don't meet your standards. Humans are emotional. Once you inspire them, you'll see them following you on the top.

Don't be a dream-killer, be a Cheer Leader.

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