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15 September 2011

Make Your First Million- How Chinkee Tan Hit 6-Zeros in Direct Selling

Since college, I have heard of many direct selling businesses and how it helped people achieve their dreams. I have even attended business presentations and was fascinated by the “unlimited opportunities” of making money from it. Since I'm a marketing guy, direct sellers have difficulty in convincing me to join their group even though most of them showed me their “earning checks” up front. I said to myself, “If I will find a team that offers products that I can believe in, which I will use myself, then I will join their business.” Sure enough, this year I joined Excell Global Marketing. (

Making your first million is the hardest, but making your next million is easy. How true? Well, let's learn from the expert- Chinkee Tan. He is currently one of the most sought-after trainers and motivational speakers for various industries and specializing in the industry of direct selling.

How I Made My 1st Million in Direct Selling and How You Can Too!

His newly released book inspired me and woke up my sleeping entrepreneurial spirit. If you haven't considered direct selling as your way to million, grab a copy of this book and learn how the business can help you achieve your dreams. And, if you are already in the business, buy copies for your friends and networks!

In this book, he defined steps on setting an appointment, prospecting, communicating the business and empowering others to build their personal goals. You will be able grasp in just few days of reading what Chinkee Tan has learned through the business for many years! (That's already a great favor for you!) I admire the author for unselfishly sharing his precious insights in this book and he is also honest to tell us helpful tips in identifying the right company to join. For those who don't know how to sell, he clearly explained the 6 steps of selling process:

Step 1. Prospecting
Step 2. Inviting
Step 3. Presenting
Step 4. Closing
Step 5. Follow up
Step 6. Training

The best-selling author shared his wealth of experience in direct selling:

 How he overcame himself from fear of rejection
 How he has developed his confidence in doing presentations
 How he has changed his mindset from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur
 How he has mastered his attitude towards failure
 How he has been faithful to his mission to help others change their lives (until today)

It's already a GUIDE for business starters and a TOOL for seasoned direct sellers!

Keep reading, learning and earning!!!

Chinkee authored 3 best-selling books — “Till Debt Do Us Part” (Six Steps to Financial Freedom) and “For Richer and For Poorer” (or Why The Rich Get Richer and The Poor Get Poorer). His recently released book “Rich God, Poor God” (The Spiritual Side of Money) will tell you “why God wants you to prosper and be successful!”

For bulk orders of How I Made My 1st Million in Direct Selling and How You Can Too! by Chinkee Tan, you may call CSM Publishing at (632) 852-7302 and look for Faye Villanueva.

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