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18 October 2011

Becoming A Knockout Presentor

I was given a 1-minute impromptu speech last week at the Knockout Presentation Skills Workshop. Everyone would pick a topic from the wood case and had more than a minute to think of the speech outline. I got a topic that should be asked to Miss Universe Pageant candidates.

"Something that I have done before that I will never do again."

I really had a difficulty digging for the right content of my speech. After the signal to begin, I was too confident to start talking without concrete outline in mind. Once the clock begins, I own the stage and I am expected to perform. Everybody looks at me and listens. The more I become conscious of my speech, the more I lost myself from what I want to share. Now I understand how Miss Universe Pageant finalists feel when it's time for Q & A. I was lost in the conclusion and didn't beat the 60-second clock. That's fun. It almost happened to everyone.

After that speech, our facilitator Mr. Anthony Pangilinan gave me his observations. Those are treasured compliments and a precious tip from a presentation guru for my improvement. I admire him for being so transparent. He motivates with passion. He is really a coach, not an academic teacher. He inspired us and made us feel good about ourselves though we were messing up. This learning experience with him as the program facilitator is like a rock to step on. It motivated me. I agree with his encouragement to us, "You'll leave this room as a better speaker." Yes, it takes a lot of practice, time and effort to be like him but the disciplines and principles he shared pushed us up one or two level.

My major take-away from this workshop has something to do with my mind. Anthony ignited the small fire within me. He awakened my spirit to overcome fear of being rejected and ruin my speech. He said, "You must win with your mind first then you'll have a knockout presentation." The first member of the audience who must listen to my speech should be myself, almost literally in front of the mirror. I must convince "me" first that the speech I am going to deliver is a knockout, not just a good one. After that, I can apply the 6 Powerful P's of Presentation- Purpose, People, Process, Personal Preparations, Presentation Proper and Power!

My extemporaneous speech was better. I picked up a relative experience and shared it with emotions. It was a Knockout! :)

Let me relate this to our life. Every time we face a challenge, remember that we must win in the mind first. We can't think destruction in time of opportunity. We can't overcome what we think is too powerful. We can't see possibilities in what we think is totally impossible. The battle begins with the mind. So, knockout your negative mind first then engage in the battle and claim your victory over your challenges in life.

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