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04 October 2011

You Are Under Training

A typical military training starts the day with a lot of physical exercises. The cadets rise early at dawn, expecting not a buffet hotel-like breakfast but tons of weights to carry. Their mind is programmed to run more than a mile, do hundreds of push-ups, stand for hours under the scorching sun and so on. Their commander must be obeyed at all times and there's no room for excuses. Everyday, it's the routine.

In reality, everyone of us is like a military cadet. We wake up in the morning just like any ordinary day while life, unbeknownst to us, has already prepared our daily activities- things that will teach us and will make us a better person. If we won't think that life is a lifetime training, we'll find ourselves stuck in the middle.

Like in the military, everyone goes by ranks. Generals follow ranks too by adding stars on their shoulders. Likewise, in the corporate world, there are ranks and the highest could be the President, CEO or Chairman of the Board. Again, if we won't think life is a lifetime training, we'll find ourselves tired of working and we lose hope.

In the family, we also follow ranks. The father is the head of the family and should exercise his full authority with love and care. Everyday, the family deals issues about relationships, money, discipline, values and with so many things. Again, if we won't think life is a lifetime training, we'll find ourselves giving up and and might leave the family behind.

What's the point? Inevitably, we'll encounter disappointments, failure, distraction and frustration. If you'll give up, you will never be raised in ranks. Life is full of surprises- good and bad ones. We must think that life won't be the same as we know everyday. Things will change. We must learn how to adjust to the environment, like a camouflage. Leaders know this principle. We must know when to be like a harmless dove and when to get the lion out of the cage. Let me end this entry with this- "Learning is a lifetime process."

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