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07 December 2011

I Don't Know...

Why is it too difficult for us to tell someone that we don't know a thing? Why would a person care to pretend rather admit he doesn't know a thing? I guess it's the fear of not knowing. Can this kind of fear save us from humiliation or it only kindles the fire of foolishness? It's easy to pretend, act like you know "it" but the truth is you don't have any idea about "it".

It's easy for a sales person to pretend he knows his product just to sell. It's easy for a child to pretend like a professional auto mechanic and dissect his toy car. Pretending is too easy to do but we must be prepared for the consequences.

We can act like a somebody and hide in someone else's shadow. Yet, we must be aware of the effects in our character. When we refuse to admit what we don't know, we become proud. It will destroy our credibility. Other people will know about this and you'll be in trouble.

The moment you don't understand the instruction given, don't hesitate to ask again. Clarify. It's better to act like a fool until you fully understand and do the right thing instead of nodding and do the wrong thing which results to wrong outcome. Frustration will be your next issue.

Wise people admit what they don't know. Foolish humans can't understand this. (Perhaps, they will after reading this entry.) Learning starts when we admit what we don't know. This is the trait I observed in some top executives I know. When I share something that's new to them, they listen. They are confident enough to admit they don't know and they are ready to learn.

If you have the fear of not knowing, overcome it by asking questions. Just be willing to learn and admit that you don't know. You are wiser than you think if you already know what you don't know and you've done something about it.

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