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25 May 2012

The Beauty of Time

We can earn millions of dollars if we will work hard. Highly skilled individuals demand luxurious compensation. The more you are knowledgable about certain skill, the more opportunities you'll have. As you save, invest and work excellently, you can earn millions. But you can't use the same principle with your time.

The beauty of time lies in its unique feature- it's intangibility. You can't hold it for a second when you're happy, neither accelerate it when you're in pain.

Life is beautiful, like what I heard from a friend. So is time. It's wonderful to have time with the person you love. It's nice to know that we are given enough time to spend in a day. We just have to be wise in how and where to use it.

I recently joined a digital marketing agency called Team Meta Our set up is fully unconventional, far from the traditional office setting. We value time, thus we are allowed to use our precious time on our own rules. Meetings are done in a coffee shop. Creativity is highly encouraged.

Time is gold, as the saying goes. We are given 24 hours in a day, everyone of us. Like money, spend it wisely. Appreciate time's beauty. Someday, you may not have it anymore.

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