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20 December 2012

YOUnique: Understanding Others by Understanding You

I think this is one of the many things that we need to know while on earth. We need to know ourselves more than we know others. (The latter sounds familiar, isn't it?)

Have you thought about why people are different? Why leaders should find people who can COMPLEMENT their weaknesses rather hire individuals who just follow instructions? We all have unique personality. We are created with diversity. There's no two persons who think, act and speak the same way.

Jayson Lo's book, YOUnique, mentioned that if you have many people problems, think about this possibility, are all these people really the problem, or could the problem

You need to understand yourself first so you can understand others better. Simply, know who you are and your personality and understand that other people are not like you.

May take-away from this book can be summed up in the principle of Personality Envy and Personality Denial. That, we should avoid them.

Personality Envy is vying to have the gifts of another person. We should be thankful for our talents. We just don't know that there might be a number of people who know us and envy us for what we have.

Personality Denial is not accepting who you are and what God has given you. We can't live pretending who we are not. Our true self will be revealed at the most perfect time and it could be a painful experience. We'll only end up frustrated and disappointed.

Let's know our personality and focus on our strengths.


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