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08 August 2013

A Leader's Confession

Confess? Seriously? Yes.

Leaders must confess that, amidst numerous leadership quotes, books, blogs and thousand inspirational phrases, still what we 'live out in life' is the best baton to pass on.

More often than not, we know things by principles, knowledge that has been passed-on to us through education, but we fail to apply it. We can take all the available courses for credibility's sake yet the world will still measure us on the amount of value we delivered. Certificates and recognitions won't make a difference, our actions will.

I have realized that my 30-years of existence would mean nothing if I won't add value to my family, business, relationships and self.

A leader's journey can be painful. It can also be full of surprises. Can you imagine how you could have been if failures didn't hit you? You wouldn't be as strong as you are now. If not for joys and celebrations, you could have been living in misery and solitude. If not for the roller coaster ride, you wouldn't appreciate how beautiful life is.

So what are you afraid to confess? As a leader, would you hide your fears and cover it with pride? Would you take the backseat so others can shine? Do you value the limelight over relationship with your colleagues or subordinates? Are you prepared to accept your mistakes, swallow the blame and still walk in integrity? In the arena of leadership, the undignified and the weak win the crowd over the proud and the arrogant. The language of effective leadership is servanthood, being able to serve rather be served.

We demonstrate leadership through actions, not by mere words.

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