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10 January 2014

Winning is addictive

There are many things that are very addictive. Coffee. Chocolates. Sweets. Text messaging. Movies. Many more. Even love.

Silently, there's one thing that we can be very addictive of and we are normally unconscious about it. Would you believe that you can be addictive to winning?

It's nice to win an argument. It's fantastic to win in a contest. It's terrific to win over an opponent. It's great to see people celebrating with you on your winning moment. So memorable.

Think about this: When you are addictive to winning, there's a chance that you won't see failure and defeat as something that can mold your character.

When Manny Pacquiao was knocked out by his rival Juan Manuel Marquez, it revealed his true self. He has World Boxing Titles in 8 divisions. The world loved him- advertisers, fans, politicians...everyone. Manny understood that winning and losing is part of the game. He didn't take it personally. So, what if he lost? His achievements are already chronicled anyway and no one has done the same thing yet.

How many of us would think we must win at all times? Well, winning is good. After all, we will do our best to win. We spend time studying and practicing to win, get a medal and plaque of excellence. Yet, let not winning mold us and dictate what we should become. Let losing be an experience that can reveal our true self and reflect what went wrong. Remember, we can't win all arguments. Jus let the winners enjoy their moment of being a star. They deserve it.

I tell you, no one will listen to you if you are a loser. So, take that chance to think of what you have really won by losing. You may have lost in a battle, but you may have gained much of a character. By doing your best, trying hard, sweating a lot, you are already a winner.

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