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12 December 2013

When An Unknown Enemy Strikes

In most movies, we can easily identify who's the enemy. The villain is, if not as strong as the main character, very clever and annoying. It can be true in the real world where we sometimes mark those who oppose us as enemies.

What if your enemy walks in silently, creeping through the night and settles inside of you? I'm gonna talk about an enemy that we usually ignore yet consumes us, more often than not- the enemy called insecurity. In this particular article, I'd like to use the definition of Merriam- Webster. Insecurity is being "not confident about yourself or your ability to do things well."

How many of us are guilty of this? Is there anyone who's exempted? Would you admit you have been insecure sometime of your life?

Now, what happens when insecurity attacks? feel alone. feel unloved. find faults on others. probably believe negative things. doubt. quit. And, never try again. settle for less. don't listen. won't care anymore. think everyone talks about you. retaliate. would believe nothing's gonna change. magnify little things.

The list can be endless. Most negative thoughts and feelings are prompted by our insecurities.

I was a victim and it consumed me, for many reasons, since childhood. I figured out, like in a real life combat, the way to win over your enemy is to identify it, face it and strike it in its weaknesses.

The way to deal with insecurities, as I have learned throughout my 31 years on earth, is to humbly accept that we have insecurities, identify the areas we are insecure at and do something to overcome it. But, I tell you, it's easier said than done. I have overcome my communication insecurity by taking up a course in English proficiency. I was also insecure because I only stand 5 feet and 4 inches which is too short to be a basketball varsity player. Being insecure about my height, I thought, "These tall guys are nothing but ball players and can do nothing else." I have overcome it by accepting myself as a unique person and I dress up appropriately to look neat. I believe, God created me with a purpose and it's very liberating to know I am wonderfully made in spite of being "short of height". Then, I started to appreciate why those guys are tall. Admitting my insecurities made me think differently towards other people. I started to see the unique things they have rather than look for something to laugh at.

Have you ever took an inventory of your insecurities? Those are facts. Know what hinders you in pusuing your life goals. The process could be painful but you wouldn't know what else you can do unless you overcome what keeps you from being 'the best'.

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