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21 May 2014

The 4 Valuable Things in Starting a Business

Anything that fills your daily life with exuberance is truly valuable. It could be work, hobby, gadget or a friend or love one. No matter what or who they are, you simply enjoy the day with them. However, its lost can bring (extreme) pain and longing.

Being a start-up entrepreneur is no joke. I am used to early morning travels and evening meetings, seeing wonderful people and creating value to the business I am in. Yet, when I decided to take the path not everyone is willing to pass through, there are things I found so valuable.


The people I used to talk with. Friends who are waiting for me in the office so we can have our morning coffee together and chat for few minutes. The mentors who are willing to spend time uplifting my spirit to be excellent in personal and professional life. The friends whom I go out with for lunch and talk about life at work. Sometimes, we enjoy the job not just because we earn but because we have friends. Having my own business made me realize that I can have the luxury of time meeting people while, unfortunately, my friends are stuck in their 8 to 5 world, less of travel time. I end up alone, waiting till someone is available. Having someone to get to know about your journey helps you feel lighter because as you share your story, you'd find yourself inspiring the person you are talking to.

On the road to entrepreneurship, money is an integral thing. Being employed secured me for monthly earnings that I can use to pay my bills. The truth is, the bills for home utilities continue each month but my income is still unpredictable. When things turned around, it takes faith and determination to be able to raise up funds and spend for monthly expenses. As an employee, I used to complain about the salary I am receiving. Now, as an entrepreneur, I am being trained and disciplined to be happy with every single money that comes from real hard work.

Learning is an investment that anyone should not neglect. I took advantage of the huge sale of books recently and grabbed expensive titles for half of their selling price. It's important for me to learn new things and acquire success principles I would be needing while I'm establishing the business. It's an honest confession that I don't know everything but I am very eager to learn new things. Most influential people I know personally - C.E.O.s, General Managers, Managing Directors, Presidents are investing on books. Why shouldn't I?

It's easy to get excited about the new business. It's fun to say I am on my own and do things my way. Yet, the ultimate challenge is how to sustain that excitement. Losing that butterfly in my stomach will consume the dream I am building. Just when I feel that excitement will subside, I'll talk to friends - those who are have their own business and share the passion, those who are in need so I'd feel I'm not alone in a struggle and those who are fun to be with so I can laugh out loud. I hug kids too to feel I'm not getting old enough.:)

The value you offer to your customers is directly proportional to the value you create for yourself. This famous saying reminds us that we must be committed to add value to people, including ourselves.

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