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23 December 2010

10 Things I Love About 2010

Before I sign off 2010, I'd like to share the things I love about 2010. Yes, I may not be able to post any entry after this because it's vacation mode already so I decided to write this article now, than never.

1. 1st Year of Married Life.
First year with my exciting and blessed marriage. My wife, Chona, has been both my encourager and prayer partner more than anything else.

2. 3 regional travels in a year.
Been in Hong Kong twice and Hanoi,Vietnam once.

3. Breakthroughs in professional career.
Worked with excellent people, met marketing gurus, inspired by entrepreneurs and expanded my network. Consulted for a music enterprise. I even hosted 3 wedding receptions! What a break!

4. Debt-free living.
No need to explain this one. :)Up next, abundant living!

5. Dad's recovery from illness.
Successful operation of my Dad and provisions for the bills.

6. The birth of Shining Light Generation Youth.
Experienced the revival of God's word in the life of the youth in our church.

7. The Accidental Musician blog came to life.
The next time a speaker ask who has a blog, I can raise my right hand and smile at my neighbor.

8. Opportunities to inspire others.
Limitless opportunities to inspire people to achieve their dreams and raise their standards. Some where applying my humble advice already. (I don't know with the others. haha!)

9. Overcame all struggles.
By the grace of God, the squeeze of 2010 failed to bury me underneath. Instead, my God raised me up and built my faith, confidence and patience.

10. Excited about new things in 2011.
As the year end, it's about time to expect greater things in the year to come.

With all these things, I thank God and I give back all the glory to Him. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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