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08 April 2011

Be One of the Best!

I'd like to borrow this principle I got from Francis Kong. I heard it many times from his talks but this time, admittedly, it struck me. Here's a bite size of his thoughts.

There are three kinds of people in the world:
1. Those who make things happen.
2. Those who wait for things to happen.
3. Those who say, "Why, what happened?"

I grabbed his latest book "Being the Best You Can Ever Be" this morning on my way to office and found myself chewing and swallowing the truths about boosting my potentials. What in the world are we doing when we keep on complaining? It doesn't change our situation. The only time we can achieve our dream is to step out from where we are.

Which among the 3 kinds of people you are?

Influential people make things happen by taking the risk and embracing change. Nothing is significant if we continue to do the same thing again and again. Discover the skill and learn it so that it can bring you to your dream.

For those who are waiting, I have a question. What are you waiting for?!!! Don't just relax and wait for the diploma and medals to come. Work for it. No one will recognize you unless you have a valuable contribution.

And for those who are wondering what happened? Meet Google! Get up from your lazy bed and don't pitch your tent in the Wondering Zone. There are 6,852,472,823 (and still counting) people in the world today and you have to create a room for yourself. Get noticed by your significant contribution.

Here are my tips for those who would like to make a difference:
- Keep a little notebook and pen and write your ideas.
- Get connected with significant and influential people.
- Spend time in research and reading books.
- Master you craft!
- Invest in helpful tools and gadgets.
- Befriend YouTube and learn from teaching videos.
- Create a blog so others can read it!

Happy journey to a better you!

Being the Best You Can Ever Be is available at leading bookstores in the Philippines. For orders, you may contact CSM Publishing at +632.852.7301 or click this link:


  1. Great one Melvin!

    Looks like he has three points as well!

    Now as writers, let's create our versions of it.

    Here's mine:

    There are three kinds of people:

    1. Those who wish.
    2. Those who dream.
    3. Those who wake up.