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01 July 2011

Dreams Shouldn't Die

YOU are the author of your dreams.

No other else.

So, if you have a dream, PUBLISH IT. I came from a publishing company and let me give you a piece of what I know about the industry.

Imagine, you are a writer. You want to write a book. You choose the topic or subject matter. You choose the editors. You choose the printer. You pick comments from respected people. You choose who to design the cover. You choose the best design. You decide the quantity of books to print. You raised the fund for printing. You choose the retailer...So on. Now, notice. Everything must pass on you. Simply, because you are the author. You are responsible for your book to be published. don't have a hold on people's lives and you can't force the public readers to make it a bestseller title.

YOU are the author of your dreams. But only GOD can take you there. Because, I have never met anyone whose dream is too small. Dreams are literally BIG.

Dreams seem impossible. It will take the hand of God for you to have it. You dream about traveling in a cruise. You dream to become a business tycoon. You dream to play in the NBA. So much of elusive dreams.

As an author, your job is to publish it. Let everyone know about it. Work on your skills. Then, let God make your DREAM BOOK a bestseller. In its perfect time, your dreams will happen.

And, don't ever close your DREAM BOOK. Dreams shouldn't die. If you really believe, God will make it possible, in HIS perfect timing.

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