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15 July 2011

A Leader, A Juggler

I couldn't rid of the life principle I caught at the last seminar I attended. It's about the juggler.

He is the one who keeps two or more objects in the air at one time by alternately tossing and catching them. ( can see them in circus or entertainment show. They are highly skillful. But, before they mastered the tricks, I am pretty sure they spent hours and days and weeks and months practicing.

What does it relate with our life?

You and I have the same 24 hours a day. No one is given much more and no one is given less. The only difference is what we do with the 24 hours a day we have. The balls represent our priorities or responsibilities in life. When we were younger, we juggle not more than 2 balls. Let's say, education and family. The more we get older, the more balls are given. You'll have your relationships, work, life goal, hobbies, needs, economic status and so on.

Now, little by little, we learn how to juggle the balls in our hand. With excellent eye contact on the balls and nice footworks, we can perfectly juggle 2 or 3 balls. But, as life gets complicated, and as life gives us more balls to juggle, we might missed a ball or two and stop juggling.

You just dropped a ball. What would you do? How would you feel? I have 3 things to tell you:

1. Pick it up and juggle again.
2. More practice. Learn the skill. Master the balance.
3. If you dropped a ball again, then go back to number 1.

Don't dare to stop. It happens to everyone. Everyone commits mistakes no matter how good they are.

Too many of us watch others juggle and wait till they drop a ball. Only true leaders will care when someone failed in juggling the balls. He will help him perform better.

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