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11 August 2011

Empowered to Connect

Yesterday, my idea of connection was disturbed and I figured out I was not really connected to myself. I used to think I need to connect with people and I forget about knowing myself. I shouldn't be somebody else.

The reason excellent communicators are effective is because they are true to themselves. They know what their strengths and weaknesses are. They walk what they talk.

I attended "The Power of Connection" seminar conducted by one of the best communicator I know, Mr. Anthony Pangilinan. This is the first time I listened to him almost half of the day and I enjoyed it. He presented principles on the value of connected and what happens when we get disconnected. As a hungry-for-more-motivation marketing professional, I chopped some insights I caught from his talk that benefited me a lot.

Aside from the 3 major principles of connection that Anthony shared, these insights are my major take-aways from the seminar.

The Mafia Offer Principle

- Know the core need of the other party
- make an offer based on your core competence
And your offer will never be refused!

More often than not, we are disconnected. We talk more than listen. We listen and never talk. In our daily communication, I could say the rate of assumption in greater than the rate of accuracy. We thought we've understood but didn't. We thought we said it right but didn't.

Connection is a life-long process.

I admire the speaker for his transparency. Though he delivered his talk perfectly, what raised his credibility was his humble attitude to admit he that he also fails. Simply, he learned his topic first then he shared the learning to us unselfishly. Connecting with people is a day-to-day basis and lasts till lifetime.


M Find a Mentor
A Look for an Apprentice
X EXercise it
I Invest in it
T Testify

Learning is a continuous process. This principle says:
- We need mentors to guide us.
- We must share learning with a friend or colleague.
- We must live what we learn.
- We should invest to learn more.
- We should share it.

Thank you for reminding me these, Anthony. Till next connection.

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