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23 August 2011

What's In Your Hand?

It's not bad to have a little. At least you have something to cultivate. Just like a little amount of happiness. You can have its fullness when you share it with others. Sad if you have none.

When we speak about talents, I believe everyone has his own unique share. No one is born without any talent. But, many failed to discover what their talents are.

Now, let me throw you the question:


You have an ounce of mathematical skills? Practice and develop it.
You have an innate passion for music? Take up a music course.
You have a good memory? Sharpen it more.

The ball is in our hands. Either we dribble it too long or shoot for the goal. Either we play by team or fight alone. No matter what happen to your life, you are responsible to it because you made the tough decisions.

Blackberry inventor Mike Lazardis bagged a prize from a local public library in Windsor, Canada at the age of 12 just because he read every single science book on the shelves. He learned his craft well.

What you have today are the big keys to your success. It may appear senseless at the beginning because you can be focused in its simplicity. Like teaching pre-school. To some, it might be a profession they wouldn't like but for the passionate educators, they know that future presidents of companies, politicians, inventors and bankers will come from their class. Give your talents away, show it, so it will fly high. Perform well as you climb the mountain of triumph.

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