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05 August 2011

End Right

What's in the past that people are scared to face the future?


On the other hand, those who LEARNED from their past are ready to face the future. No matter how difficult your life were, still the balls are in your hand. Don't make up for the past but rather focus defining your future.

I'm privileged to learn from mentors who have gone through difficulties during their early professional bouts and I witness how they reap their pleasant harvest today.

- Who would ever know that this excellent public speaker and corporate executive's first job was to distribute promo flyers on the street?

- At his early age, this man sold tons of nails at his family's construction business. Now, brands hire him to design their blockbuster marketing campaigns.

- He worked for a worldwide TV network catering to kids and teens. He produced a television program about cars. He is a business consultant and marketing expert. With these achievements, he forgot to finish his college degree.

- His first assignment in a car wash business was not a white-collar job. He was the humble cleaner of customers' cars. When he set up his own language school, he cleaned, repaired and painted the room by himself. Today, he has influenced thousands to become a better speaker and uplift their confidence.

I landed my first job with an awe. I conducted inventory of our precious books in major bookstores in the metro. I dusted off book covers and aligned them on the shelves. Then, an opportunity came for me to be division supervisor handling direct sales. With this, no wonder why I am so passionate about reading good books and this blog is the product of the principles I learned through reading.

Admittedly, it came to my mind that I only wasted the years I spent doing that job. Countless times. Yet, the truth is- that experience always keep me on my knees. My character was built and firmed. That's priceless.

Don't be ashamed of your humble beginnings. It's your stepping stone and your springboard to success.

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