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18 November 2011

I Am a Productive Pinoy!

What does it take to be a productive Pinoy?

I got to know the author of Productive Pinoy Yeng Remulla and his wife over hot coffee in a coffee shop at Paranaque City. There, we exchanged precious insights about life, productivity and Pinoys (Filipinos) in general. The conversation was so casual but full of passion to influence more Filipinos to excel in any field, start to build a business and live a good life with the help of God the Almighty.

The book Productive Pinoy is like a mirror to Filipinos. The author presented honest facts about Filipinos in a humorous way. His approach was very light and easy to understand. Just like me, especially if you are a Filipino, you wouldn't return the book in the shelf unless you're done reading it. The more you flip the pages, the more interesting it becomes.

It may appear ordinary but it's not. You need to be ready to admit your mistakes and challenges to face as you pursue productivity. Being productive requires discipline and to acquire discipline, it takes time and sacrifices. The book has chapters on eliminating productivity killers, reinventing the Filipino time and important factors that will help you deliver results.

Of course, this book is also filled with positive traits about Filipinos. As you read them, you'll feel a revolution inside of you and make you more proud of being a Filipino. (For Filipinos only! ;))

What I love in Productive Pinoy is the chapter Enjoy Life. Yes, we must enjoy our life, the fruit of our labor and have a great time too. We are not machines, as I may add. We are humans. It's not a sin to occasionally pamper ourselves once in a while, spend time with our family and be merry. While working, we must remember for whom we are working for- not just for a living but to live a good, successful and productive life.

For Productive Pinoy, I throw two thumbs up!

Now before you leave this page for any (good) reason, let me encourage you to find Productive Pinoy in Facebook. Just look for "I Am Productive Pinoy".

Let's spread the productive spirit! Go Productive Pinoys!!!

For bulk orders, contact The book is also available in leading bookstores nationwide.

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