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08 November 2013

Chase the Wind

There are times that we need to chase the wind so we can escape from reality.

What we have and where we are now is true. No lies. Yet, the truth sometimes burn your passion to excel and soar high. You might be in an intersection now, as a leader of a team or so, and you are expected to decide perfectly, then what you need is to chase the wind.

Who can tell where the wind blows? Who can tell where it comes from? No one. The gentle breeze can whisper an answer to your disturbed soul.

Watch a child how he chases the wind. Notice how happy he is? Then, why not take a moment to unleash the child in you? Play video games. Walk out on the street. Buy a balloon. Watch an animated film. Sing a song.

It's easy to be consumed by stress. It's your choice, anyway. Get older soon or be merry like a child?

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