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10 December 2013

Why leaders should watch Ender's Game

Inside of us resides a hidden potential. We need to discover where we are good at, hone it and excel.

Ender Wiggin in an exceptional child. In him was superb analytical thinking and tons of game strategies. I was deeply moved by how he was treated unfairly by colleagues and how he was highly favored by Colonel Hyrum Graff.

What if in just within 5 minutes, you would be a key to save the entire mankind? What if within that moment, you had a chance to make peace than engage in war?

Unknowingly, Ender played the best game he'd ever had in his entire life. In the course of his training, I was able to see insights that leaders-in-the-making should appreciate while in training:

Age won't matter

At times, those who are trained in life at a very early age endure pain and rejection well. We are all susceptible to lead, even in school. Yet, those who are more exposed in problem solving and difficult situations are able to identify the risks they are going to take. In the movie, Ender, at his early age, had to deal with rejections until he was able to face his mortal enemy- FEAR.

No room for fears

It's very easy to give up. Yes, I'd spoil this- Ender Wiggin quitted. We all had times to give up. Yet, when we think of the consequences of giving up, we realize that it's better for us to conquer our fears. More often than not, we are strengthened whenever someone taps our shoulders. We can be weak but we can choose to be strong and leave no room for fears.

Leading with a heart

We can choose to win. We can win a game. But, what matters most is 'how' we won it. The manner of winning is very important. It's like, everyone can be rich but the manner of getting millions is a different thing. It's essential for us to understand that leading with a heart makes a leader worth remembering. One line in the movie that hit me a lot is this: "In order for him (Ender) to become a great commander, he must learn how to face rejections."

Lastly, a leader can fail. Ender failed a particular test battle. After he won the greatest battle that saved mankind from alien invasion, he was shocked upon knowing the truth behind that game. In times when a leader has many questions left unanswered, a friend, even without saying a word, can uplift him. That's Petra.

The training Ender undergone was no joke. We too have difficulties in the course of being a leader. Let's always remember that we may have to face the challenges required for us to become a leader, let's not lose heart and compassion to others. When we are not treated well, let's not dish it out to others but rather be more merciful and gracious.

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