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19 July 2010

Play music everywhere.

When I was still a kid, I used to dream of having a band. In that day dream, to be articulate with it, I taught my colleagues every instrument- drums, piano and guitars. I play the vocals. Years passed by, in our little church, I was able to build a band with aggressive teenagers.

I never stepped on a formal music school nor sat down with a paid music instructor. My knowledge was a product of sweat, hungry-stomach, keen eyes, persistence and joy. I grabbed the guitar at 11, tried drums at 12, play the keys at 13 then roll them all up till now. It wasn't too easy for an aspiring musician to learn without owning any instrument. They are all borrowed!

So, when I turned 16 I told my mom I want a college degree in music. I was hoping that she would agree 'cause she knows that I play music very well. ( That was what she told me. Haha!) But I don't know where in the world did she get her motivational and very inspiring NO to this great idea! Oh c'mon?!!! For a young boy like me, I could have been one of the greatest musician of my time. I ended up holding microphones and presentations in my present career.

My passion for music didn't die there. Besides, I have come across many events where I played different instruments in different places with excellent musicians. I taught piano to a 9 year old kid; shared music theories with friends and developed a module for guitar, piano and drum beginners. Why is that so? I can't stop music from flowing through my blood. I stump my feet, tap tables with my fingers and whistles. Everywhere I go, I play music.

That's what I didn't see that my mother saw. I have an innate gift in music that I can nourish through the years. Though formal training is important, my advantage is I can do different things at the same time. I can learn many things without neglecting my passion.

Perhaps, you are thinking of your passion as the source of income. That's good. Or things go the other way, like mine. I have a professional career in communications but I play drums every weekend.

It's great to discover where you are good at. You might have 3 or more things you excel with. Show it. Share it. And, let it inspire others.

Now, with this blog, I am refreshing my writing skills.

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