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27 July 2010

Want That Guitar

Young people in our church come to me and ask if I can teach them how to play guitar. Well, with all due respect, even adults chase precious times with me. I am not a guitar hero. Not even a quarter as good as Perf De Castro or Eric Johnson. I miss notes, cheat on guitar licks and strikes D.I.Y. scales.Why these hungry guitar beginners coerce me to teach them? Every guitar player has unique distinction and personality. But there is something common to notable musicians: they play with passion. That's what I can't just teach.

Our passion in life drives us to do a special thing effortlessly. No one in our family encouraged me to learn the guitar. In fact, 99% of them distracted me. The 1% affirmation? I got it from myself. In the mid-90's, when the legendary Eraserheads topped every FM radio countdown, I used to bond with my uncle's guitar from 1pm up to late night. I play Bon Jovi, Gun's N' Roses and Metallica back then. It's amazing that I got an innate talent of mastering the songs supernaturally and extra-ordinarily. The first day I was taught how to play the guitar, the next day, I was telling my guitar teacher of his numerous mistakes!

When you love to do something, you don't need anybody to push you do it. If you love cakes, you buy and eat. If you like wearing pink, no one can dare ask you why. If you're fun with pictures, you don't need to remind yourself to bring camera. The thing we love to do comes out naturally. If you've found the things you like, I rejoice with you. If you're lost scratching your head thinking what do you love to do, better list down what you do often an pick the top most. We need to find out what makes us happy. I noticed that people who have found their passion inspires others in many ways, intentional or unintentional. Why? It's just because they have found something that makes them unique and it's evident to other people.

What do we want people to remember about us? Have we thought about our passion? How do we bring impact to others? If you are good in cooking, cook at your best. If you love to sing, inspire others with your songs. We don't have to be someone else to cheer up the world, we just have to pursue our passion. 'Cause when we are burning, those who see us will keep their fire flaming also.

That guitar I used was no-extraordinary. It wasn't special. It's not expensive. The owner was not a professional musician. The brand is very common. I tell you, it's still plucking till this day. With some scratches, it still sounds good. It is the one who's using it makes it special. When I plot the G-chord, it prepares itself to produce a pleasing music. Not hard rock and heavy metal music anymore, but lifters of one's soul. I want that guitar because it helps me express my personality.

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