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21 July 2010

Striking Chords in One's Life

There's this famous author and inspirational speaker who naturally, effortlessly and untiringly gives smile to everybody. He goes to groceries, he smiles at the cashier. He calls Pizza Hut, he smiles over the phone. He delivers numerous talks armed with thousand smiles. If you got to see all his books, he even smiles at you. I listen to his podcasts everyday few years ago when I still have my mp3 player. It's ironic but true that he receives a lot of negative critics for his smile rather than his prosperity mindset. Hey people, this guy is just keeping this earth hopeful and happy! I don't understand this. Well, bring this man to the Philippines and he'll enjoy a bunch of smiling faces all over the country. That guy is Joel Osteen.

When we bring impact to others, it's inevitable that people will look for something to pull you down. Something that is so little yet critics are equipped with the ability to feed the flour with yeast and blow it up. I was in a training company then when I had mistakenly identified a name to a wrong person. Everyone got sick in laughing. I was totally embarrassingly ridiculed. Then, I came back after 3 months and those people who laughed at me before, when they saw me, brought back the day I was humiliated by recalling that name. You know what I did? I finished my business and never came back to that office again.

We choose we want to remember to a person. His sincerity, honesty and integrity. Her thoughtfulness, compassion and care. Or, the loud music that plays on our ears are the dumbest thing he or she did to anyone. How about helping friends on their weaknesses? How about build each others' confidence? The science of striking chords in one's life is a helping hand, a smile and and comforting word from us. The reason Joel Osteen smiles a lot is because he communicates relationship to everyone. Of course, he can't expect everyone to like him but he inspires many to become like him. The very reason I smile on people. That's free anyway. I smile at security guards, bank tellers, jeepney drivers, bus conductor, taxi driver, teacher, colleagues and churchmates...and to everyone. It's one of the free things on earth that encourages.

What chord do we want to strike in one's life? Isn't a word enough to cheer up a soul? like...
Job well done!
You're the best!
That's nice!
You look good!
Let's celebrate for that!
Keep up the good work!

We don't have to be a successful entrepreneur or a celebrity or a high ranking government official to bring impact to the world. They have their own circle of individuals to cheer up. Us, living a simple life, can lift up one's soul by our smile.

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