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20 July 2010

Tuning Each Day

I feel irritated and a bit crazy whenever I hear people sing so loud but out of tune. They perfectly entertain and distract me at the same time. Music lovers can identify with me on this. Do you like the sound of scratching a nail against a glass? Kinda like that. It blows the hammer and stirrup of my ears. But before anybody gets angry with me, let me share you the rest of this blog.

I love to sing and play music and I am grateful I can please ears. Some love to sing but the melody doesn't like them and still they chase notes a little faster, sometimes slower. Sometimes, life is just like that. Was there a time in your life that you were not properly tuned? You are complacent, discouraged, pessimist and it's like you live each day without hope. The strings of your life are either too tight or too loosed. Even if you strike the right chord, it won't gonna give you the perfect melodic sound. It happened to me. I woke up one day with a thousand reasons why I don't wanna go to work. I stroked the chord, hit the right note and remained faithful with the tempo, still I didn't produce a pleasant sound. I'm on my way to become a business consultant to help companies build their products and increase their sales. A respected and award-winning social marketing guru trains me. What can I ask for? Other people would want to wear my shoes and so envious of me but here the poor me complaining 24/7 about this and that. I could have been so grateful. I was out of tune.

When a guitar needs to be tuned, somebody who knows guitar very well can pull the strings and loose it a bit just to keep them back in tune. As I sip the Krispy Kreme coffee today, I acknowledge that I need the Master Tuner to help me sound perfect C. The aroma of coffee pauses me to think of good things I should be thankful for.

How can we tune each day? When we are lost, trying to figure out what went wrong and what we could have done better, I would say, charge it to the bank of evaluated experiences. Learn from it then move on. I've found that not everyone is out of tune at the same time so there's someone who can tap our shoulders and whisper, “Hey, you need to be tuned up again”. It could be easy to inspire others but not ourselves. At that time, come and see the Grand Maestro.

Remember, the sound we produce is either a music or a noise to each listener.

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