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20 December 2010

Followers? Anyone???

I'm curious about people who wanted to be leaders but despise being the follower. And, I'm troubled with people who don't want to be a leader because they fear responsibilities and commitment. Have you ever met somebody who's telling you what you should do but didn't show you how? He's cool! Just imagine a ball coach who can't shoot while telling his guys not to miss a free throw? That's unbelievable. He must be the son of the team manager or owner.

We can't pass on to others what we don't have. It won't work that way. The moment we gain the experience, then we become credible to tell others the mess we did or the triumph we achieved. Great leaders emanate from their past victories over struggles. After all, they won't be great if they have surpassed easy jobs.

Those footmarks we leave become the trail of those who follow us. When we look behind and see there's none who wants to be like us, it could be a question to the quality of life we offer to this world. I mean, there's no room for hungry learners because they are always out to look for someone they wanted to be like. Just like me. I look for people who became successful not because they inherited the success but strove to meet the peak. Thankful that I am, I can't count them in my fingers. I'd like to listen to those who were once "the ordinary" with an extraordinary heart to serve men, not just to earn profits and recognitions.

It's so inspiring to meet people from all walks of life but let us examine those we follow. The two are both both accountable- the leader and the follower. Don't forget that. Leaders must produce alike. Followers must become leaders too. Followers will never come to extinction, only leaders.

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