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17 December 2010

Travel Time

I heard people who talked about how time flies. Ask a kid and an adult what do they want with their time.

For the kid, he wants to grow now so he can do what he wants. He looks forward to having a good job to buy simple things like cars, gadgets, laptops and more. Plus, the privilege of going home late without parent's consent. He dreams of wearing a necktie, traveling to places alone and buying those coffee. What a kid. He just didn't know how adults have thought about the time passed.

For the adult, or shall I say, the grown ups with family, with the things any kid would like to have: going home late (much of this), eating delicious food (bloated already), buying good clothes (really?) and 3 mobile phones (for work, personal and extra). On the other hand, men think of working hard to earn a living. Women think of what to cook, where to buy groceries and how to raise her children. Working women battle with deadlines and spending little time with family. How they wish they could ride a time machine and be a kid again so life could be much easier.

Different perspectives. Different expectations. Kids may see a lot of adventures, both painful and worth remembering throughout the journey. Older people wanted to turn back time to correct mistakes, forgive those who hurt them and make better decisions.

Dreaming is traveling from today to your good future. Let your life goal bring you to the fulfillment of your dreams.


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