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09 December 2010


The weather at Central, Hong Kong is 13 degrees and for me, a native of a tropical southeast country Philippines, this is too cold. I could feel the freeze penetrating inside my skin. So much different from my hometown where sun rays are injected inside my veins. A change of climate may mean a change of lifestyle. Let me stress my point.

- A change of boss means a change of leadership style.
- A change of glasses means your vision needs more aid for good eyesight.
- A change of hairdo MAY mean a different personality or mood.

Chameleons adopt the color of their surroundings. Parents change their baby's diapers when wet. Things of this world are susceptible to change. We change clothes everyday. We change cellphones after a year or so. We change car every 3 to 5 years.

There might be changes in life, for better or for worse. I find the reason why those things happen- CHARACTER EXTRACTION.

We'll know the real person when they face changes in life. At that moment, life principles are revealed, values become obvious, purpose is at stake and future would be undefined.

Don't let movements push you back. Aim acceleration rather than deceleration. Step on the changes, make them the stones to step on towards success.

Want to know who you really are? Move from where you are standing now and see a lot of differences in your words, thoughts and deeds.

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