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26 April 2011

Achievers and Settlers

As a child, the only way to learn is through careful observation. Little boys watch their dads drive the car. Young girls catch their moms cooking a delicious meal. I believe, we need the same principle as we grow professionally, and as an individual.

No matter how many years we have been living in this earth, we still need to listen and learn from others. Great book authors read different books as many as they can in a month. This type of people are what I call ACHIEVERS. Only the achievers will worry about not having any movement at all. You can't hide them inside a box. They will find a way to be creative. Their veins will rise and perform to its excellence. Achievers take time to listen and learn from experts.

SETTLERS just stay where they are. No push. No movement, not even an inch. Give them two tasks and they will complain. Things should be easy or else they will mess up. There's no place like their home- where everything is less. Imagine if they will join the bunch of achievers- the achievers fly high while the poor settler crawl too slow. Take it easy, he says to himself.

What separates the Achievers from the Settlers is the PURPOSE. To further illustrate this, I'll put it this way...

The ACHIEVERS created the bag of chips and television that the SETTLERS munch and watch TV shows all day.

Think of it. Are you an achiever or a settler?

Pitch your tent where good people are. Mingle with them. Learn from them. Jot down notes if possible. Be interested with helpful reads. Watch free training videos on You Tube. Invest on seminars and workshops. Filling your pail with white sands will enable you to build an awesome sand castle. Same thing with life, your purpose will determine whether you are an achiever or just a settler.

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