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05 April 2011

Waiting Is Over

Waiting is over.

This is one of the nicest words you can hear after long waiting for your roasted chicken meal. Or, you have waited for your airplane at the airport to be home before night. Maybe, waiting for your girl's response to your marriage proposal? Why waiting is too much to bear? What in the world does it exist? Why there are people who are not willing to wait?

Test of patience. In leadership, waiting has a big role. You can't do everything at the same time. While you wait, your patience level increases. You wouldn't notice that you are waiting for the bus for more than 20 minutes if you are packed with ounces of patience. Waiting is your character builder.

It would be easy to go over the counter and forget about the number of people standing in line at your favorite fast food restaurant. You'll be in trouble, let me remind you. Self-control is developed in the course of waiting. You can't just freak out and tell everyone that you are hungry. Though you say sorry, you already lost your control. Learn to control your mind and mouth during waiting.

Value of Time.
Yes, time is precious. You may think you have wasted your time when you haven't. It could be time-killing for the caterpillar to spend much time inside the dark cocoon. You may be in an environment that you don't like but little did you know, the world has taught you how to value people, rather give value only to yourself. The time you've spent waiting is not by accident. It has a divine purpose.

When someone says "waiting is over", it does mean "breakfast is to be served". At the end of the rainbow, there is a pot of gold. At the end of waiting, we'll realize, the waiting is worth. Just when you are expecting to have a baby. Just when you have spent many years and got promoted to CEO.

Now, waiting is over.

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