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03 January 2011

Thinking Beyond 2011

It is very easy to jot down our New Year Resolutions than fulfilling it. More and more people have figured out the importance of spending more time with their family than working and earning money. In fact, this toppled the others in the recent global survey of New Year Resolutions. Spending time with family was a bit neglected by some ever-busy people. I prefer calling it New Year Resolution because it's us who do it not the new year itself. New Year's mean its 2011's prerogative if it will make things happen or not. See the difference?

So, thinking beyond 2011, what is our goal for our family? Or have we thought about that question? Was losing weight or salary increase a priority? It will all fall to our values in life. In life, there are sacrifices but too much of it may bring suffering. Greed may consume us. Anger, jealousy and bitterness could replace the compassionate and loving heart of a father, husband or brother.

If we will sit down with multi-million man or woman for a talk, they will tell us so many things about their life. I must suppose to summarize their talk in 2 categories- one, is about how they have climbed up the ladder of success, the business strategies, the heights of their career and brilliant entrepreneurial insights and the other one if about their family. What's more interesting for us? I believe, I can't consider a man successful by mere prominence and wealth but by how he was able to raise up his children and has loved his wife and parents. In order to put the whole family in order, one must admit that there is a God who structured the family first and only He can build the house we call home.

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