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18 March 2011

Are You A Depositor?

Great leaders are masters of this. They know how to invest. Setting the stock market and business aside, true leaders know when and where to invest and how to deposit greatness to their successor.

The virtue is TRUST. I once told one of my mentors that it could have been so easy to be a high paying executive because all you need is to approve and sign documents or works. He said, "You think it's easy? Well, it's not because you need to shell out huge amount of trust to the person who submitted the work." Well said.

See? In just few moments of discussion, he was able to deposit an important principle to me. That's what depositors do. They invest their acquired knowledge and experience to their followers. Only confident leaders do this.

The next question choked me. He asked, "Have you met significant people lately? Who are they?" He believes that I need others to build me up. I need to connect with people so I could learn and I can tap connections within my networks. No wonder he's a seasoned "connector".

If you are a depositor, make sure you are casting good investments. And to the receiver, nurture the seed, make it grow. Begin with good relationships.

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