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03 March 2011

The Great Life Issue

The broken mirror has an issue. Anybody can't just cover the cracks with packaging tape nor try to fix it with glue. Same with trust. When you lose it, it's so difficult to bring it back.

American journalist Barbara Walters has a reputable credibility in her field. She was the highest-paid news personality on television. Anyone can just approach her and talk to her about anything. A quote from the book Winning With People says,"People trust Walters, so they talk to her." This stopped me from reading and began to ponder.

Have you ever thought why people talk to you? They trust you. Turn the table, when they don't talk to you, chances are, the trust gauge might have reached the level zero. When friends talk to you about their life, drop by your office to let you know their recent engagements, what keeps them busy, what bothers means they trust you.

For me that's an issue. A great issue. We make friends everyday but how many of them talk to you like a brother or sister? How many of them do you think trust you with their secrets? I know how it feels when a friend drew away from me. Completely ceased conversations. It was a lesson of trust and it wasn't easy. Trust, in any relationship, is important.

I still owe eternal gratefulness to those who trusted me for who I am, I was and would be. Thank the people who have trusted you, family ,friends and colleagues. Their trust is enough for us to be inspired everyday.

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